My Boyfriend & I Went Vegan And It Completely Changed Our Love Life For The Better

These days, it seems like veganism is all the rage, and for good reason. People are getting wise to all the ways a diet free of animal products is better for the planet and their bodies. When my boyfriend and I went vegan, I never could’ve imagined the positive effects it would have on our lives—especially our intimate side of life.

I went from never wanting to get freaky to having my drive kick back in at an all-time high. Vegans generally eat foods rich in both zinc and vitamin B effortlessly in stuff like chickpeas, avocados, and bananas. These nutrients cause a chemical reaction in both women and men that boosts desire. After my boyfriend went vegan too, I paid more attention to his drive to test this theory. Sure enough, we were having more intimacy than ever.

The intimacy we do have is more enjoyable and the increased energy levels make it last even longer than before. The natural sugars in fruit cause your body to be energized without the “crash” you get from processed sugars. Try eating some fruit, chocolate, or nuts to increase your stamina and keep you going longer. No wonder chocolate covered strawberries have some kind of connotation!

Yeah, vegans really do taste and smell better. This is true and I can personally vouch for it. The reason for this is that meat and dairy are acidic and hard to digest, which can drastically change your taste. I can promise you that once you get a taste of a vegan man, no pun intended, you’ll be very reluctant to go down on a man who heavily eats animal products. I never realized how much of a difference it made until my boyfriend went vegan, and for that and many other reasons, I’m eternally grateful that he made the switch. In addition, studies have shown that vegetarians have better-smelling body odors. In fact, the vegetarian participants were told their odor was “less intense” than the meat-eating participants.

Veganism increases blood flow in the body, and when it comes to intimate times, that’s always a good thing. The better you take care of your arteries, the better sensation you will feel. A vegan diet won’t only increase his blood flow but yours too. An increased blood flow is beneficial because it can help you achieve multiple experiences. With a vegan diet being cholesterol-free, your arteries will be in tip-top shape and ready to pump your blood where it needs to go to get you there.

When you go vegan, you won’t need as much lubricant, if any at all. Eating foods with a high water content will keep your body naturally hydrated. Foods that contain a lot of water include but are not limited to watermelon, cantaloupe, and cucumber. Dryness can decrease when you eat sunflower seeds and pumpkin too. We’ve never bought or used lubricant because it’s just never been necessary, and I owe that to my diet.

Vegan guys tend to be better lovers because they’re more compassionate. Veganism is driven by selflessness and compassion for others. Vegan men are much less likely to be selfish in bed and they’ll probably care enough to make sure it’s not all about his own enjoyment. At the beginning of our intimate journey, my boyfriend was surprised to learn I’d NEVER enjoyed it. He couldn’t wrap his head around why I wasn’t enjoying it until he realized for himself that I’d yet to sleep with a person who considered my pleasure too. Thankfully, that’s no longer an issue.

His diet means he’s less likely to deal with his dysfunction. Vegetarians and vegans are much less likely to develop dysfunction than their meat-eating peers. Up to 75% of people with heart issues have dysfunction. These issues can be prevented by a vegan diet or reduced meat consumption. You can’t have mind-blowing intimacy when he can’t get it up. That was the first fact my boyfriend memorized about the effects of meat on the body and he made sure to share it with other men who could be at risk of this. It was a pretty life or death thing for him and I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was for me too.

I actually look forward to it these days instead of dreading it. Although I was content with my partner from the very first time he got in my bed, once he went vegan, it was a complete game-changer. Suddenly our bedroom antics was lasting longer, becoming even more sensational, and we were in the mood for it more often. If you’re looking for ways to up your bedroom game, try going vegan. You’d be surprised at how diet can be the difference between an average encounter and an ultra-satisfying experience.

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