What Is Magnetic Attraction And How Do You Know When You Have It With Someone?

When you go on a date with someone and experience an immediate, overwhelming feeling of connection, you may be experiencing magnetic attraction. You couldn’t explain what it is or why it’s happening, you just know it’s there and it’s amazing. Here’s what you need to know about this very rare phenomenon and how to recognize it if you’re lucky enough to find it.

  1. You have this weird feeling of Déjà Vu when you’re with them. Right off the bat, you feel like you’ve known the person for a long time. There’s a certain sense of familiarity, as if you’ve known them in a past life. That level of deep-seated knowledge is one striking sign of magnetic attraction. You feel at ease when you’re with that person and the conversation flows easily like you’re old friends who hadn’t met for years.
  2. You can’t stop making eye contact with them. For some reason, you just can’t bring yourself to look away from them. When you lock eyes with each other, you get an overwhelming feeling of mutual attraction. One look into their eyes and you suddenly want to let down your walls and be completely vulnerable with them. It makes sense, especially since studies have shown that maintaining eye contact encourages honesty in conversations. However, with magnetic attraction, you don’t need even words to communicate. One simple gaze into their eyes and everything is understood.
  3. You long for their presence. You really can’t explain it, but you always seem to look for them. The days seem longer when you’re not with them and you always look forward to when you’ll be together again. You feel an inexplicable pull into their orbit, like gravity is moving you towards them and you can’t get away (not that you want to). Even when you’re together, you can’t seem to get enough of them. It’s like you’ve found your soulmate and you don’t want them to ever leave your sight.
  4. You make time for them in your schedule no matter what else is going on. Because you long for their presence, you always manage to find ways to spend time with them. It kills you when you are away from each other. Not long after, you find yourself canceling plans for them. While it’s not healthy to give up your life for a romantic interest, you do find yourself switching things around to ensure that you still get quality time with this person.
  5. You find it easy to open up to them. One of the beauties of magnetic attraction is it makes you want to pour your heart out to the person. You can’t understand it, but even though you consider yourself to be guarded and find it hard to trust people, that’s just not true with them. All the walls you’ve built for yourself are down and you lower your defenses because you’re confident that you can confide in them without judgment or repercussion. There’s a unique mutual openness that compels you to reveal who you truly are to the person.
  6. The body language is undeniable. The way you carry yourselves and interact with each other says it all. Whether you’re flirting or dating, you convey a lot in your body language towards someone. More often than not, body language is also an effective way to seduce someone. It’s one of the most compelling signs of magnetic attraction. No matter how hard you try to mask your emotions, your true feelings will always be conveyed in this way.
  7. There’s so much sexual tension. When you’re magnetically attracted to someone, there’s a level of sexual tension that goes above and beyond pure lust. When you do finally sleep together, it’s unlike anything you’ve experienced with anything else. It’s like your bodies simply know one another and how to respond to each other.
  8. You can’t stop smiling. You feel a little silly, but you just can’t wipe the grin off your face when you think about them (which is pretty much 24/7).  You always wake up in a good mood with a zest for life which you didn’t have before. The days seem better and you feel happier and more alive because they’re in your life.
  9. You lose track of time when you’re with them. Time flies when you’re having fun, and time feels like it’s in high-speed mode when you’re magnetically attracted to a person. You are too engrossed in your own bubble with them that you become oblivious to the time and to your surrounding as well. Time passes by so quickly and you feel like both of you are always short on time, much to your dismay.
  10. You can’t stop flirting with each other. Magnetic attraction makes you a master at flirting. You’ve fallen head over heels for them and you find all kinds of creative and suggestive ways to let them know. All barriers are down and you don’t hesitate to throw yourselves at them or send them those frisky flirty texts. Being magnetically attracted to someone makes you let go of all your inhibitions and makes you more confident to be flirty without fear.
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