What You Can Learn About A Guy From A Single Kiss

You can learn a lot about a man by sleeping with him, but you can learn just as much from a single kiss. In fact, one of the things you’ll learn is if having sex with him would actually be worth it. After all, a lot of the techniques used during a first kiss are used in the bedroom. So the next time you end up making out with someone, make sure you decipher each move he makes so you can figure out the following:

If you have chemistry. You can’t put chemistry into words. It’s something that you’ll just know when you experience it firsthand. If there aren’t any sparks the first time that you two lock lips, then that probably isn’t going to change. Chemistry would be there from the start.

If he’ll be an expert at foreplay. Does he take his time going in for the kiss, or does he just shove his tongue right down your throat? If he’s too eager from the start, it’s a bad sign. It means he doesn’t know the importance of being patient, which is a must when it comes to foreplay. That means he’s probably not going to be a stud in the bedroom.

How confident he is. Does he fidget with his keys for twenty minutes before he leans toward you, or does he go in for the kiss with his head held high? A man with confidence is a man who knows what he’s doing. Of course, there’s something sweet about self-conscious men, so either way, you’re a winner.

If he takes care of himself. Does his breath taste like peppermint gum or cigarettes? If he had any plans to kiss you, then he should’ve brushed and flossed his teeth beforehand. If he didn’t bother to prepare for that first kiss, then he definitely won’t use mouthwash for any future kisses.

If he’s a good listener. Does he tilt his head left when you tilt right? Does he open his mouth when you run your tongue over his lips? If he picks up on all of your clues, it’s a good sign. It means he actually pays attention to your needs.

How he feels about you. If he’s kissing you, it’s pretty clear he likes you. Just pay attention to how he acts after the smooch. If he scampers away, he probably views the kiss as a mistake. If he tries to kiss you on a lower part of the body, he probably wants to sleep with you.

How laid back he is. If you bump teeth, does he freak out or laugh it off? You want to be with someone with a good sense of humor, so it’s always a good sign if he’s able to make fun of himself, even during an intimate moment.

How good he is with his hands. His lips aren’t the only thing you should be paying attention to. What he does with his hands can be just as telling. If he knows the right places to caress you from the start, he’s going to be amazing once you enter the bedroom.

If he’s serious about you. The actual kiss isn’t everything. Sometimes, the location and timing of the kiss can tell you more about him. Did he take you out on a fancy date before he tried to smooch you, or did he just get you alone in a bathroom at a party? If it’s the latter, you’re probably just a hookup.

If you’re serious about him. Did that kiss leave you wanting more, or have you already had enough of him? Kissing a man is a quick way to figure out if you really like a guy, or if you’re ready to find someone else to kiss.

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