Why Do Guys Stop Texting When You’re In The Middle Of A Conversation?

It’s one of the most irritating texting habits: you’re having an enjoyable chat with a guy, laughing and really getting to know each other, when suddenly he just goes AWOL. Uh, hello? You know he’s around because he already told you he’s just hanging out at home tonight and he’s still active on Instagram. So, why do guys stop texting mid-conversation? Here’s what could be going on.

  1. He’s not a “bye guy.” Here’s a common reason why guys sometimes just bail halfway into a conversation: they just don’t feel the need to say that they’re going to bed/work and will chat to you later. They sort of just like to fly in and out of conversations. It’s not intentionally rude, it’s just kinda what he does. That doesn’t make it okay, of course.
  2. He got distracted. Maybe his roommate got home and needed to talk to him about something urgent or his mom Skyped him and he couldn’t ignore her. If something like that’s the reason why he’s taking forever to reply to your last message, then he’ll be back and he’ll apologize for the lack of response… hopefully.
  3. He lacks texting etiquette. I hate to say it, but he might just be rude. He might think he can just talk to you whenever he wants and ignore you at other times. How damn convenient.
  4. He’s chatting to someone else. He might be busy with other chats at the same time as yours, which could explain those annoying lags in conversation or the guy who keeps disappearing for a while. It’s hard to deal with someone who’s so inconsistent because it’s so frustrating. He should be giving you his full attention when you’re talking if he wants you in his life.
  5. He fell asleep. It seems a little bit weird that someone would literally fall asleep mid-conversation unless they had narcolepsy, but it does happen. Maybe he had a long week at work and is just super exhausted. Of course, this would explain the one-off situation of him pulling a disappearing act halfway into a conversation, but this excuse just won’t fly if it happens regularly.
  6. He got bored. Ouch, I know, but it can happen. Maybe the conversation started out really interesting and he lost interest. Still, if that’s the case, it’s rude for him to leave like that. He could at least make an excuse for why he’s shutting things down.
  7. He likes to leave you hanging. A guy might like to leave you hanging on purpose (jerk!) by ditching the conversation halfway. He might like to keep you on your toes and he could think that doing this sort of thing will make you want to talk to him even more. Ha, he has another thing coming, right?
  8. He’s done with you. This one’s quite heavy but it can happen. He might’ve been chatting half-heartedly all this time because he’s been planning to ghost you. Now he’s taken the opportunity. You might never hear from him again, but you know what? The a-hole’s done you a favor because he’s clearly showing the type of person he is.
  9. He was just checking in. If the guy crept out of the woodwork to get back in touch after weeks or months of no contact, he might have had his fill and now that he’s up to date with what’s been going on in your life, he’s fine to just disappear again. You’ll usually be able to spot this type of guy by how he sends you a text asking how you are, reads your reply, and maybe asks you some other questions but then doesn’t answer when you ask him stuff. He’s so selfish.
  10. He’s pulling back. If he regularly does this sort of thing via text, it’ll be interesting to look back on your saved chats and see when he abruptly ends conversations by not replying to you. If he’s pulling back because he doesn’t want your relationship to progress, he might become silent every time the texts become too serious or emotional. Hmmm.
  11. He’s just lonely. This is the guy who only texts when he’s lonely. He seems so interested in chatting with you but then he goes for days without replying to your texts. He might only be reaching out because he’s alone, in need of entertainment and no one else is around, or he’s missing having someone in his life. You’re there to keep him warm for a while before something else comes along. Gee, great.
  12. He takes you for granted. The guy who keeps doing this behavior could be taking advantage of the fact that you’re always available to him whenever he wants to chat. So, he doesn’t properly end the conversation and say goodnight because he figures he doesn’t have to – you’ll always be there. Time to show him that you’re not a doorstopper or rug. He has to earn your attention!


Giulia Simolo is a writer from Johannesburg, South Africa with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has been working as a journalist for more than a decade, writing for sites including AskMen, Native Interiors, and Live Eco. You can find out more about her on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @GiuliaSimolo.