Why Do Men Call Women “Crazy”? It’s All About Putting You Down

When a relationship doesn’t work out for whatever reason, one of the most common excuses you’ll hear from a guy is that it’s because the girl was “crazy.” Dismissing women like this seems to be the go-to put-down for men, and most of the time it isn’t even warranted. So why do they do it? Simple: They want to put you down, so don’t let them.

It’s their way of taking power away from you. 

Calling a girl crazy is a good way for guys to try and discredit you. If they’re running around telling people that you’re nuts, anything that you say, even if it’s legitimate, will be taken with a grain of salt (or so they hope).

They know that it will piss you off. 

Guys who are low enough to use this insult often do so knowing that it upsets you. They’re real-life trolls.

It’s a form of blame shifting. 

A lot of guys just don’t want to admit wrongdoing, and can’t stand the fact that the aren’t man enough to be good to a woman. By saying that you’re crazy, the guy feels like he can shrug it off and claim that he did nothing wrong.

OK, sometimes we do deserve that label — but that’s not the norm. 

It’d be unrealistic to say that there aren’t cases in which a girl really does act nuts. After all, we’re all human, and some of the crap guys pull is hard to ignore. However, it’s pretty rare that the term applies, because reacting doesn’t mean you’re insane.

A lot of guys use the “crazy girlfriend” excuse to portray themselves as a victim. 

I hate to say it, but there are a lot of people out there who like playing the victim. In other words, they really like all the sympathy and understanding some girls will give them. After all, being the poor ex-boyfriend of a girl who sounds like she belongs in Fatal Attraction might make some girls feel a need to nurture them. Luckily, most of us are hip to the jive, and will see this behavior as the red flag it is.

Some guys call you crazy so that you doubt yourself. 

This behavior is called “gaslighting,” and it’s often one of the first indicators of a man who’ll become abusive in later years. If you’re dealing with a guy who makes you feel like you’re going crazy, run. He’s trying to control you.

At times, it’s the only insult that he can muster up. 

If you legit broke a guy’s heart, then there’s going to be a moment where he won’t be able to figure out how to actually put his hurt into words. When this happens, guys tend to grasp at straws and use name-calling as a last resort.

He doesn’t understand women. 

If a guy doesn’t understand how the female mind thinks, he won’t be able to comprehend the reasons as to why we do certain things. As a result, we might end up getting called crazy.

He doesn’t realize that he’s pushing all your buttons. 

I’ve personally flipped out on men for not doing the dishes — no lie. Looking back, I realize that I probably looked like a total psycho for losing my mind over a household chore. But unwashed dishes are somewhat of a pet peeve for me, so when it happened in my apartment, I kinda flipped out. Many guys don’t realize when they’re pushing a button on a girl until the girl flips out, so we end up seeming crazy.

Guys have a tendency to think that girls who show more investment in a relationship are “crazy.” 

It’s true. A lot of guys get weirded out by girls who are looking for commitment too quickly, or who put in too much effort with them. It ends up looking desperate, and if it gets too bad, it can push them to think that you’re nuts.

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