Why He Suddenly Stopped Texting You And What To Do About It

You were enjoying a smooth texting rhythm with your crush, chatting away and having some pretty great conversations, when suddenly he disappeared out of nowhere. Who just goes MIA like that? Here are some possibilities for why he stopped texting and some advice on how to handle it so it doesn’t throw you too off-balance.

His texting style is different.

If he’s the type of guy who only feels he has to text once a week but you’re keen on daily conversations, then it can certainly feel like he’s going AWOL on you when he’s not. It’s important to get your texting in sync and talk to him about what kind of contact he enjoys having with someone he’s dating so you don’t have some nasty surprises.

He’s over it.

The sad truth is that if he wanted to continue chatting up a storm, he would. Period. If he’s changed, that means his feelings have changed. It sucks, but maybe – just maybe – it was better than having to hear it from the jerk’s mouth. That or the conversation started to get old and he had nothing else to add to it and he was too lazy to strike up convo on a new topic.

He’s no longer bored.

He might only text you when he’s bored in his life. When something happens to distract him, he goes AWOL. It’s best to distance yourself from this guy, otherwise, you’re going to be in that cycle of texting all the time for a few days to not hearing a peep out of him for weeks. It sucks.

He’s keeping you on the hook.

Linked to the above point, he might think that he can just disappear for a while and then return when he feels like chatting and flirting again. Ugh. He’s keeping you on the bench when it’s convenient for him. Don’t expect commitment from this guy.

Your push is making him pull back.

If you’ve been a little pushy by demanding he define what your situation is or hinting a little too much that you want him to ask you out, he could be put off and so he’s pulling away. Okay, fine, let him miss you and come crawling back. During this time, it might be good to check in with yourself and figure out why you need to move things along so quickly. Take your time because it’s worth protecting your heart.

You’re his wednesday night girl.

If you’ve noticed a pattern of him only contacting you at certain times/days of the week, then that could be because he’s only keen to have you in certain parts of his life – he’ll never open up all the doors for you. You’re the convenient one he can flirt with on a Wednesday evening, but then on the weekends, he disappears because someone else is taking up his attention. Ugh.

He’s chatting to other women.

If things are really casual between you, it’s not a long shot to imagine that he’s been getting to know other women and you’re not the only one. Maybe he felt a deeper connection with one of them instead of you. It happens. It sucks, but it happens.

He’s already taken.

He might actually already have a girlfriend, so he was only chatting and flirting with you but didn’t want anything more serious. When things started to become serious, he cut off all contact. What a loser.

He’s legit busy.

Okay, before you lose your cool because you hate the “I’m too busy” excuse, bear in mind we all do. And usually when guys use it, it’s a big excuse for why they couldn’t be bothered to pick up their phones. But maybe something happened to throw his world upside-down and he couldn’t really be bothered to text you or anyone. Give him a chance to tell you what’s up, because that’s key – even if he’s going through an awful time, he won’t leave you out of the loop for long. He’ll want to call you when the s**t hits the fan.

He wasn’t into it from the start.

It might help to bear in mind that he could’ve stopped texting you because he wasn’t really serious from the start, not because you did something to offend him or even that his feelings changed. In this case, the guy’s totally doing you a favor. So, with that in mind, quit blaming yourself for things you think you might’ve done to piss him off. He’s not worth your guilt.

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