Why The Best Women Are Always Single

Being single probably has you thinking negatively of yourself. The longer you’re on your own, the more likely you are to feel jaded, lonely, and maybe even unworthy of love. Don’t let those stigmas get to you! There are reasons the best women are single more often than others that make perfect sense when you think about it.

  1. People think you have a partner. Because you’re so amazing, most people just assume you’re taken. They don’t care to get the facts, sad to say. And unless you make it abundantly clear you’re available, that’s a major reason why no one will approach you for a date. Take it as a compliment though; your good looks combined with your magnetic personality means most won’t be able to handle you. You need someone who can keep up and won’t be intimidated by a strong woman.
  2. You’re introverted. Don’t get me wrong, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being shy (speaking from experience here). Especially if you’re uncomfortable in big groups or at parties (guilty), it can be hard to put yourself out there. An easy way to do so is to start small. Make a move by asking someone how their day is. Just remember to be yourself.
  3. You stick to your boundaries. A strong woman has strong boundaries. Anyone who tries to cross them will be met with refusal. It’s good to keep strong with your limits. However, potential partners may see this as a way to stop chasing. If they do, whelp, it’s better that way. You don’t need to deal with someone who can’t respect your boundaries. They’re intact for a reason.
  4. You possess unshakeable confidence. Sometimes, when people praise others, they look for a reaction. They want their comments validated; to know they made you feel good. If you’re confident in yourself and your abilities, you might brush off their words. It’s not that you’re being mean, it’s just that you don’t need someone to tell you how good you’re doing. There’s nothing wrong with that. Self-praise is something we can all learn so we don’t rely on others’ opinions too heavily.
  5. You value your routine and schedule. With your life being a revolving door of work and play, people might get the idea that there’s no room for them. And, if you’re honest with yourself, chances are, you’re okay with that. Sometimes you’re not quite ready to uproot your way of life for someone else. And unless they’re good with that, you don’t need to worry about suiting their needs over yours.
  6. Your life is already full of love. You don’t need a romantic partner to know you’re loved. Family, friends, and co-workers all have your back. So much so that you don’t feel like you’re missing out on anything.
  7. You’re not easily swayed. Sure, normal dating tactics might have worked out in the past, but now, you’re not easily impressed. It takes a lot more than flowers and compliments to get your attention. You want unforced effort and action instead. Most people, when they notice that, will probably stop trying to pursue you. Let them. If they want an easy challenge, it’s okay to not give that to them. Stick to your guns.
  8. You’re intimidating. The energy you give off tells others to stay away. It’s not because there’s something wrong with you, but it has everything to do with them. They sense your confidence and before they even approach you, they give up. Most don’t want to risk being rejected and dealing with that feeling, so they don’t even try. Point being, don’t change yourself to satisfy someone else.
  9. You’re emotionally stable. You don’t need instant gratification and validation to know you’re amazing. And you know being single doesn’t define you. All those jokes people make about single women don’t bother you, because you know they’re untrue. You’re not waiting around for someone to come along. You’re moving on with your life in the best ways suited for yourself.
  10. You don’t want a fairytale. The days of wanting a knight-in-shining-armor are long gone. The happily ever after just isn’t viable anymore. It’s not to say you can’t live happily ever after, it’s just that you’re not content with thinking you need to be “rescued.” You’re not going to sit and wait for someone to make all your dreams come true. It’s up to you to do that and you do well on your own already.
  11. You give off “marriage material” vibes. Back in the day, that used to be a good thing because that’s all people were concerned about doing. Nowadays, marriage is optional. However, most people will use you seeming like “marriage material” as an excuse not to commit. They’ll look at you and your life and see you’re on a set path for the future that that intimidates them. They’re fine with just a simple hookup and that’s it. Marriage or not, as you know, commitment is non-negotiable. Don’t bother with those who don’t get the memo.
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