Why You Should Be Grateful To Be Ghosted

Considering so many guys these days have a sketchy sense of respect and a serious lack of communication skills, the likelihood that you have already been or will be ghosted is a big one. Even though you might feel pretty slighted when it happens, here are some reasons you should be relieved instead of angry:

  1. He saved you a lot of time. Let’s face it — as much as getting ghosted sucks, at least you didn’t waste years on this guy. You might be confused, bitter, and upset, but ultimately it’s good that this happened when it did so you didn’t invest more time than you had to. Now you can cut your losses and be happy you found out who he is sooner rather than later.
  2. He wasn’t worth the time you did spend on him. Anyone who can just disappear into thin air without so much as a text message clearly isn’t what you’d call a stand-up guy. Investing time into someone with those tendencies is a total waste, especially when there are so many better things you could spend your time focusing on.
  3. You don’t need a man like that in your life. The last person you want to plan a future with is a grown man who doesn’t have the respect to deal with people in a mature way. Imagine the nightmare of trying to plan anything serious with a guy whose instinct is to run away when he’s unsure about something. Sucks for the girl who gets him next, but at least it isn’t you.
  4. It opens up the possibility of meeting a good guy. Out with the crappy, in with the new and great, right? The longer you’re stuck with a careless guy who ghosts, the more time you’re no out looking for the guy who’s actually worth your time and energy. Him leaving is a huge favor to you because now you’re free to open your heart to a carefully selected, worthy guy.
  5. You realize your worth. Getting ghosted understandably makes you feel terrible, but it also makes you realize how much you bring to the table, especially compared to the guy who bailed. Realizing that you’re actually a real adult who can be mature in both relationships and breakups shows you that you should hold out for someone deserving of all you can offer.
  6. It teaches you to be cautious. While being overly cautious isn’t a good thing, having an experience that makes you more aware is important. While ghosting is hard to predict, it probably makes you open your eyes a little bit wider to the signs that something isn’t quite right. Once you learn to read the signs, you’ll never be stuck wasting precious time again.
  7. It makes you stronger. Going through any crappy situation makes you stronger in the end, and being ghosted is no exception. Once you’re over the initial anger of it all, you’ll feel stronger than ever knowing you got through it like a badass. Ultimately he let you dodge a major bullet, and while he’ll still be the same guy, you’ll be the one who’s better off in the end.
  8. He’s never going to change. Once you’re past the anger of being ghosted, knowing that you won’t be the one getting put through his crap will be a huge relief. As much as you feel like by ghosted by him was personal, it definitely wasn’t, and chances are he’ll do it several more times to several other girls. The good news is you can move on and not give his idiocy another thought.