Woman Who Flies Around The World To ‘Date Up’ Says She’s ‘Sick Of Unambitious Guys’

A British woman who describes herself as a “strategic dater” has admitted that she’s flown across the world to “date up” because she’s sick of “unambitious guys” in her area. Olivia, 26, from Kent, said she refuses to date unsuccessful men but insists she’s not trying to be a sugar baby.

  1. She uses Seeking.com to find guys. The site is specifically for more accomplished men and Sophia has had a lot of luck on there. “Once when using Seeking I was flown out to Los Angeles which by far takes the cake. Seeking allows you to meet people around the world, it can be really exciting,” she told the Daily Star.
  2. Olivia likes knowing she’s only going to find guys on her level. Traditional dating apps never served up the kinds of men she was after. With sites like Seeking, Olivia can feel comfortable knowing she’s getting the cream of the crop. “Using Seeking really allows me to connect with people, knowing I am not compromising things that are important to me,” she revealed. “In all transparency, I was in a long-term traditional relationship for 10 years and that ended horrifically. I much prefer this way; I connect with people from all around the world knowing we have the same aspirations and goals.”
  3. Many people think Seeking is for sugar baby and sugar daddy arrangements. The site, once called Seeking ARrangement, started out as an elite dating site but soon became a place for wealthy men to hook up with younger women in exchange for money and other material goods. However, now Seeking wants to distance itself from that image and return to its more genuine roots.
  4. Olivia insists all of her relationships are mutually beneficial. While men she meets on Seeking may give her money or fly her around the world, Olivia says she brings just as much to the table. “I think it’s important to clarify that I am not a sugar baby,” she explained. “I work full time and I’m financially independent, I merely enjoy being around successful individuals to pick their brains, apply their methods, and learn how I can better my life – all while casually dating at the same time.” She added: “I haven’t received any tangible assets, if there’s something I want I will purchase it myself. The only time I’ve been compensated is for my travel expenses. Seeking is more about meeting like-minded people and the experiences you can gain.”
  5. Olivia doesn’t think using Seeking is any different to other dating apps ore ven meeting in person. “It’s no different to meeting someone at the gym or at a bar, if you both like each other and boundaries are respected then time will show if you’re compatible to become more. I’ve never been pushed or felt forced to do anything I do not wish to engage in,” she said.
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