Woman Offers $5,000 “Referral Bonus” To Anyone Who Can Find Her A Husband

The dating scene is rough, and that’s putting it lightly. Single women who want a long-term relationship with a great guy are understandably unconvinced that it’s even possible these days, and many of us are getting desperate. Take Eve Tilley-Coulson, for instance. She’s willing to pay a whopping $5,000 to someone if they manage to introduce her to her future husband.

  1. Tilley-Coulson has plenty to offer a partner. She’s not just physically beautiful, she’s also whip-smart and ambitious. She works as a corporate litigation attorney and shows off her hilarious sense of humor on TikTok, too. In other words, she shouldn’t have to work very hard to find a great guy. And yet…
  2. She’s willing to shell out some cash to find Mr. Right. As she told her 100,000 TikTok followers, “If you introduce me to my husband and I marry him, I will give you $5,000.”
  3. That’s easy to say and funny to think about, but is she actually serious? Most definitely. Talking to Ryan Seacrest, Tilley-Coulson said her offer was absolutely serious. “Frankly, with the cost of weddings, $5,000 for a husband? That’s a drop in the bucket,” she said. Fair enough on that!
  4. She does have some requirements for her future husband. Because she’s tall and doesn’t want to deal with shorter guys who are insecure about it, she’s only entertaining prospects who are 5’10” and above. She would go for a shorter guy, she added, but he would have to be extremely confident.
  5. Seacrest hopes she could get in on some of that referral cash. He joked on-air, “Just so we understand, if we find him here, is there any shot we get some of it?” Tilley-Coulson isn’t picky. Wherever her match comes from, she’ll take it AND pay up. “You know what, Ryan? If you find my husband, I will write you a check for $5,000 on my wedding day. And you’ll get an invite,” she responded.
  6. Here’s hoping Eve Tilley-Coulson finds her person soon. Better than that, let’s hope he comes to her organically without her needing to spend a penny! She seems to have a good head on her shoulders and isn’t giving up on love, so it’ll certainly come to her in the end!

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