Woman Who Sent Her Own Father To Jail Has Policeman Who Arrested Him Walk Her Down The Aisle

It’s hard to imagine how you would cope with being the person to turn in a family member who broke the law. It must be heartbreaking to realize someone you love is capable of something so terrible, and the strength it takes to do the right thing by forcing them to face justice is unfathomable. However, that’s exactly what a woman named Ivy did. In fact, she even went so far as to have the police officer who arrested her father walk her down the aisle at her recent wedding.


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It was an unconventional arrangement but one that worked for Ivy. Here’s how it went down.

  1. Ivy and her former fiance and now-husband Tristan recently walked down the aisle at a beautiful wedding ceremony in their home state of Washington. July 15 was a wonderful day and an occasion that neither of them will ever forget.
  2. A whopping 15 men accompanied Ivy down the aisle. In a video posted by Karrah Creative Events (@karrahcreativeevents) on TikTok, Ivy can be seen arm-in-arm walking with the group of men down the aisle to her new husband. It was a visibly moving scene and one that meant a lot to the bride.
  3. All of the men who walked with Ivy played a special role in her life. “At 16, our bride played a pivotal role in ensuring her abusive father was put in prison,” the video caption read. “On her wedding day, she asked 15 of the most important men in her life to escort her down the aisle. These men included her brother, brother-in-law, uncles, childhood coaches… And the police officer who arrested her father.”
  4. Once she got to the altar, the men lined up to watch her say “I do.” They wore matching pants and shirts and got into formation behind the altar to watch as Ivy and Tristan exchanged vows. “Collectively they stood by her side and gave her to be married to her now husband,” the video caption added.
  5. They even offered their blessing to the new couple. In the video, the wedding officiant asks, “Who gives this woman to be married to this man?” to which the 15 men all say in response, “We do!”
  6. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the clip went viral. People were incredibly moved to see someone who had been through such a hard time enjoying a beautiful occasion with the support of the many men who had gotten her through the trauma she experienced.
  7. Now, Ivy herself has spoken out. In a follow-up video posted on the Karrah Creative Events account on July 23, she admitted she couldn’t believe the response she’d received. “I just got off work and I just wanted to say thank you. Tristan and I have been reading all your comments and messages over the last couple of days from our wedding video that was shared,” she said.
  8. She also urged people to follow her Instagram page (@SROfficerIvy) because she’s not on TikTok but still wants to connect with people. “I want to be able to keep encouraging you to push forward and stay strong,” she said. “We all have a story that shapes us – it does not define us – but shapes us and empowers us in ways to move forward and I want to be able to help you do that in the best way possible.”

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♬ original sound – Karrah Creative Events

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