Woman Reveals She Uses Her Own Breast Milk To Keep Her Teeth White And Keep Her Skin Soft

A crafty mom has confirmed that breast milk serves more purposes than simply feeding her child. Amba took to TikTok to reveal that she uses her own breast milk for a whole slew of purposes, from whitening her teeth to keeping her skin soft and even giving her more energy. Needless to say, not everyone was convinced.


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  1. Everyone asks Amba how she gets her teeth so pearly white. The answer is simple. As she revealed in a recent TikTok clip, she popped her toothbrush into a bottle of pumped milk and began brushing. Better than toothpaste, it seems!
  2. Her skin and hair care routines are a thing of envy as well. Showing how she keeps her skin and hair so soft and shiny, she first dipped a washcloth into her breast milk before putting it on her face. She also poured some breast milk in a spray bottle and wet her hair with the liquid as well for some added moisture.
  3. Breast milk gives her energy too. Amba also revealed that she’s often asked about how she maintains her energy level as a mom of several kids. She then patted some breast milk under her eyes and even drank it straight from the bottle. Hey, whatever works!
  4. Plenty of other moms were intrigued by Amba’s methods. While many admitted they could never bring themselves to try their own breast milk, others said Amba had inspired them to give it a go. “You’re telling me I’ve been walking around with these bags under my eyes for 5 years for nothing?” one commenter wrote. “I better put that milk to use!” Amba replied: “No seriously! It’s insane how beneficial it is!”
  5. Some commenters pointed out breast milk’s other uses. Moms pointed out that the milk could be used for stretch marks, healing cuts, solving earaches, “pretty much everything.” Would you try it?
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