I’m A Woman Who Watches A Lot Of Sex On The Internet & This Is How It’s Affected Me

I’ll admit it — watching sex on the internet is actually a somewhat sizeable part of my life and I watch it pretty frequently. It’s made a huge impact on how I am in bed, as well as how I see sex in general. Some of the ways watching sex online has affected me are good, while others aren’t so good. Here’s the straight truth about how watching sex on the internet impacted my sex life:

When I first began to watch it, I got pretty insecure about my body and my sexuality. 

Since I was a very awkward, lonely kid, I assumed I had to act like a sex expert to get boys to like me. Needless to say, that caused a lot of issues when it came to me actually getting friends and boyfriends.

I saw bad sex online and realized that there’s really no such thing as perfect sex.

 Even the sexiest star will have off days and outtakes. Oddly enough, having been on set for a friend’s sex tape filming also helped me realize that even hot sex scenes aren’t always too sexy in reality. After having seen a bunch of goofy outtakes, I got a lot more relaxed about sex.

Sex online made me realize having sex — even crazy, debauched sex — is okay. 

Seeing the sheer numbers of downloads on certain online sites made me realize I wasn’t alone when it came to wanting sex.  It’s natural to get turned on by different things. What isn’t natural is hating others or yourself because they have sex. What isn’t natural is to discount people from your dating pool because they had a lot of partners.

Dating someone in the sex industry made me more aware of sexual health. 

He’s actually the guy who taught me the importance of talking about sexual limits, expectations and sex health. After having had him teach me about safety, health and actually taking my emotions into account, my sex life greatly improved. Safe sex is great sex, and the fact that there are also instructional videos out there is great.

Sex on the internet might be responsible for some of my kinks. 

I didn’t even know I could get turned on by some of that stuff. Hentai, anyone?

After having seen some non-mainstream sex online, I realized that being a Barbie isn’t a must. 

Everyone is someone else’s ‘type.’ If you don’t believe me, then look at some of the people who do adult films.

Sex on the internet also gave me the confidence and curiosity to try new things in bed. 

Aaaaand that’s how I learned I love BDSM.

Once I dated an online sex addict, I realized that watching sex online can also be a major problem. 

Not all of my online experiences were good. I once dated an online sex addict, and that ended relatively quickly because of the fact that he’d choose watching sex on the internet over me.

I really don’t like how watching sex online has affected a lot of male sex partners I have had. 

Because of how prevalent sex on the internet is, a lot of guys seem to think that women need to look like sex experts or act like them. I understand why they might think that — I thought that way at one point too. However, there’s a certain limit to how many times you can deal with bitchy comments from men just because your breasts are real or because you have acne. With a lot of these guys, I think they’ll realize how idiotic they’re being once they get older. At least I hope that’s what will happen.

I realized that certain fantasies should stay fantasy — and I thank watching sex online for that. 

Actually seeing certain sex acts on the internet made me lose interest in actually doing them myself. Some things are a lot hotter on a cerebral level.

Watching sex online helped me realize that a healthy sex life is a basic need for me. 

I’m a sexual person, and this has helped me get in touch with that side of me. I could never be with a partner who didn’t have a high libido.

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