We Need To Talk About Zac Efron’s New Level Of Hotness Netflix

We Need To Talk About Zac Efron’s New Level Of Hotness

Zac Efron has always been cute, obviously. Tweens and teens have been crushing on him since High School Musical so this is not new knowledge. However, with the drop of his new Netflix travel show Down to Earth, people are having a bit of an epiphany: Zac Efron isn’t just attractive anymore, he’s literally so hot, he’s reached Zaddy status.

No really, Zac Efron is super hot now. He seems to have gotten super stocky and grown a beard, taking on a whole mountain man look that really cannot be beat (if you’re into that look, that is). In other words, he just looks like a man now rather than a young boy and to be honest, it’s super sexy.

I’m not the only one who noticed this. Just have a look around Twitter and you’ll see all kinds of people losing their minds over just how hot Zac Efron is now. Sure, it’s silly to focus on his looks when his show actually is about more important things like eco-friendly living, learning about and respecting other countries, etc. However, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a little eye candy at the same time, right?

You really should check out Down to Earth. Not because of the Zaddy-status hotness, but because it’s a really interesting show that really displays kindness, thoughtfulness, and appreciation of some beautiful locations around the world. If you’re someone who’s always dreamed of traveling and who really cares about trying to live as sustainably as possible, it’s well worth a watch.

But seriously, the cuteness is an added bonus. I’m not saying it’s cool to objectify men because women don’t like it either, but I’m also not saying that I can just ignore the fact that Zac Efron’s transformation is super hot. Hey, I’m only human, after all!

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