Experiencing ecstasy can help a girl get rid of cramps and shorten the length of her period. Healthwise, it’s probably the best time of the month to make love, but there are still hundreds of women who refuse to do it because they’re afraid of things getting messy. Whether or not you’re comfortable with doing the deed while Aunt Flo is visiting, there are plenty of ways that you can get intimate with your partner during your period.

Make love in the shower.

It’s time to relocate from the bedroom to the bathroom. That way, you won’t have to worry about staining your sheets or your clothes because the water will wash all of the blood away. Then you can make love all you’d like and won’t have to clean up a mess after you’re finished.

Use your mouth on him instead of receiving it.

Your partner probably won’t want to use his mouth on you while you’re bleeding, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it for him. Your period is the perfect time to do this. Just make sure that he returns the favor when that time of the month comes to an end.

Try making love from behind.

If you don’t want him to touch the area of your body that’s bleeding, then you can let him touch the next best thing. Even though making love via the back door was once considered taboo, it’s becoming more and more popular. If you want to give it a try, your period is the perfect time to do so.

Let him touch you through your clothes.

People who have never made love before aren’t the only ones who can touch each other over the clothes. If you want to keep your pants on, you can ask your boyfriend to touch you over your jeans or at least over your underclothes. That way, there’s no way for things to get messy but you’ll still feel that sweet sensation.

Make love on a dark sheet.

If you still want to make love in your bedroom, you should put down a sheet or a towel you don’t mind getting dirty. Of course, you should throw it in the wash as soon as you’re done. If your partner is a bit squeamish, then he should remember to wear protection to keep himself clean, as well.

Make love over the phone.

 If you usually only text, your partner will be surprised to see your name pop up on his home phone. He’ll be even more surprised when you start moaning into the receiver and telling him what you want him to do to you. If you’re lucky, he’ll actually do those things as soon as your period ends.

Rest on your back when making love.

Now is not the time for you to straddle your guy. If you end up making love, let him get on top of you. When you rest on your back, or at least on your side, things won’t be as messy as they would’ve been if you were on top.

Send him suggestive pictures.

If you refuse to make love on your period, your time of the month is the perfect time for a little fun. Need a few ideas? You can send naughty text messages and pictures to your guy in order to get him excited to see you. The longer that temptation lasts, the more eager you’ll be to get close the next time you see each other.

Make out with him for hours.

It’s time to pretend that you’re teenagers again. Engage in an hour-long make-out session that ends without making love. As long as you both know that the kissing isn’t going to turn into to anything else, it should help you learn to enjoy the little moments instead of waiting for what they’re leading up to.

Just cuddle.

Making love and intimacy aren’t interchangeable. If you want to feel close with your partner but aren’t comfortable taking off your clothes during that time of the month, then you can snuggle up on the couch while watching a movie. Even something as simple as having a late night chat about your hopes and dreams can be considered intimate.

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