10 Physical Features In Women That Attract Men The Most

You might think you know exactly what physical qualities men find most attractive in women, and you might even be right about some of them. However, there are certain things that many guys are into that you wouldn’t even think of, and these are often things that you actively dislike about your body. If you’re curious about what men are really into, here’s some insight.

  1. Well-kept nails (hands and feet) This is a biggie for many guys, and for good reason. No one wants to feel like they’re dating their own personal Gollum who spends their days scaling mountains with their bare hands and feet. Women with well-manicured nails on both their fingers and toes are automatically more attractive because it shows they care for themselves. You don’t have to have acrylics or a fancy paint job, either—just keep them clipped and cleaned. Of all physical features, clean, neat nails are at the top of many men’s lists.
  2. Clear skin You can’t help if you have acne or other skin problems, and it’s not as if men will shun you for not having spotless skin. However, a woman with a glowing complexion even without highlighter and contouring will always be hot. There’s something really beautiful about a woman whose skin is bright and healthy, likely because it implies that she looks after herself.
  3. Legs Women with long legs are definitely extra sexy for men, especially when those women feel confident enough to show them off in a short skirt or shorts. Of course, you don’t have to be an Amazon queen in order for men to find this physical feature attractive. Just put them on display a bit and strut around like you know you’re hot stuff and they’ll likely feel the same.
  4. Lips It’s not particularly surprising that men would love women’s lips, right? After all, they probably want to kiss them and don’t have a hard time imagining those lips doing other things too. This is another one of those physical features that don’t have to fit a particular mold. You don’t need to have fillers to give you a massive pout for guys to find it attractive. Throw on a little lip gloss and you’re golden.
  5. Hair There’s no one particular hairstyle that men will be into across the board. That depends on the person. However, pretty much all of them would agree that a woman who takes care to make sure her hair is neat and cared for without looking like she’s putting too much effort into it is hot.
  6. Eyes They say the eyes are the window to the soul, and that’s one of the reasons they’re considered one of the most attractive physical features not just in women but in men too. Have you ever caught the gaze of someone with piercing, bright eyes? They can be flirty, sultry, intense, and so many other things that make you want to know more and get closer to the other person.
  7. Breasts Of all the physical features women have, boobs being one of the most attractive is the most cliche and the truest thing ever. There aren’t many, if any, straight men out there who don’t appreciate a bit of cleavage. And don’t think that you have to have a massive rack in order to be seen as hot—no matter what size or shape your chest is, they want to see it.
  8. Butt Another popular physical feature on women’s bodies (at least when it comes to men), butts are pretty big, figuratively speaking. Again, you don’t need to have a massive backside for a guy to find it attractive. However, they all love a little curve and a little extra padding there for sure.
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