10 Signs Your Ex Has Moved On And You Should Too

Breaking up with someone you love and thought you’d spend the rest of your life with isn’t easy, but that’s just the way it goes sometimes and you have to learn to move on. You may still be hung up on your ex for a while after the breakup, but if they’ve already moved on, spare your dignity and let time heal your heart. Here are some signs your ex is never coming back.

  1. They’re in a new and serious relationship. Your ex isn’t going to mourn the end of your relationship forever, and as time goes on, they’ll likely start to date again. If you find out that they’re in another serious or committed relationship, take that as a sign to step back. Your ex wants to move on with their love life and so should you.
  2. You don’t talk as often. After a breakup, it’s normal for exes to stop talking or talk less often than usual. If you notice your ex takes forever to reply or rarely checks in on you, clearly they have no further interest in you, or what’s happening in your life. Do not embarrass yourself by forcing conversations or leaving tons of missed calls. If your ex still wanted you, they would make an effort.
  3. All couple photos have been deleted. If your ex has deleted all photos of you from their social media, it usually means it’s over. Just think about all the other fights and arguments you’ve had. Has it ever gone that far? Clearly, your ex is trying to erase all traces of you from their life. You’re better off taking this as a sign to take down those old photos too because it’s over!
  4. Everything has been returned. When you’re in a serious relationship, it’s normal to give each other gifts or leave certain items at their home. After a breakup, these items only serve as a reminder of the relationship and people usually get rid of them or return them. If your ex has given back everything you’ve ever left behind or gifted, it means they don’t want anything to remind them of you, no matter how expensive or useful the item is.
  5. They moved away for a fresh start. People move when they want a fresh start or after something drastic has happened. Being in a new environment helps with healing, and it’s a way to close the door to the previous chapter in your life. If your ex moves out of town, or even out of the country, it means they have no intention of being in the same space as you, let alone getting back together.
  6. You can’t make them jealous. If you’re playing the jealousy game by using rebounds to make your ex jealous and it doesn’t work, they’ve simply moved on and don’t want to get back together! You can’t make someone who isn’t interested jealous. It’s simple. Stop destroying your self-esteem and move on. The time you’ve spent playing games could be used for healing, or getting back on the dating scene.
  7. They’re not flirting with you. Exes sometimes flirt, especially when they want a booty call, but if you get nothing from your ex, it means they’ve moved on. Your ex has clearly set boundaries and doesn’t wish to engage in anything with you, perhaps because they no longer like you or there’s someone else in the picture now.
  8. You’re blocked on everything. Blocking is a clear sign that a person wants to have no form of contact with someone. If your ex blocks you on everything and avoids you, just leave them alone. You’ll come off as desperate by chasing someone who wants nothing to do with you. Do yourself a favor and block them too!
  9. Their friends and family stop talking to you. If you were in a long-term relationship, you’ve probably met your ex’s friends and family. During the relationship, they had a relationship with you out of necessity, but now that you’ve broken up, there’s no real reason for them to keep talking to you because it can be awkward. If you aren’t invited over or out anymore, it’s probably because your ex has made it clear that the relationship is over.
  10. They have asked you to move on. Your ex may have to spell it out to you if you haven’t taken the hint. If you’re asked to move on, do it. Don’t try to read between the lines or figure out if they meant it. If your ex still wanted you, they would’ve said so. This is the ultimate sign that you need to forget about the past and get on with your life.
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