10 Signs You’re A Sexually Compatible Couple

Sure, it’s only one piece of the puzzle, but let’s face it: sexual compatibility is an important aspect of any relationship. So before you have sex, how can you tell if you’ll be sexually compatible with someone you want to be with? Your day-to-day interactions with a person are full of hints about whether you’ll hit it off in the bedroom. Here a few indicators that you can look for:

Every time you look at him from across the room, he catches you.

It means he’s always aware of you and your presence, and paying attention to you even when you think he isn’t. That’ll come in handy in the bedroom.

You finish each other’s sentences.

Sometimes it feels like you both have a sixth sense that lets you be totally in tune with what the other is thinking. It feels like he can practically read your mind.

You can kiss for hours.

And it feels like it goes by in minutes. If you never get tired of kissing him, you can be sure you’ll be great together when you take it to the next level.

He always seems to know what you’re thinking, even when you try to hide it.

Did you think you were doing a great job of putting on a smile, but he can tell that something’s wrong? It means he can really read all of your subtle body language cues, which will make him a great lover.

He just gets it.

You know? It’s like there are two categories of people in the world. The ones that get it, and the ones that don’t. And he gets it. That basic level of compatibility is essential to getting along while you’re getting it on.

You can’t keep your hands off each other.

You usually hate, hate, hate public displays of affection, but suddenly you find that you’re turning into that couple. And you know what? You don’t give a damn. He’s gorgeous, and you just want to touch him all day.

You cut each other off when you’re speaking.

The conversation not only flows, but you excitedly cut each other off because there’s so much to say and so little time. It means you two are in sync. And you know what that means.

He somehow makes you feel beautiful, even when you’re having an off day.

If he makes you feel beautiful when you’re wearing no makeup, or lounging around in sweats and a tee, you’ll be able to relax about him. And we mean really, really relax. Those sweats might not stay on for long.

He fuels your fantasies. 

You could care less about celebs, athletes, or any other gorgeous guys you come across. He’s the one you’re thinking about, and imagining. Mmm.

He makes you nervous.

Are you usually calm and collected, but sometimes when you’re around him the words just fly out of your head? It’s called sexual tension, honey. He’s a keeper.

Worried that none of these sound familiar? Check out these signs you’re just not compatible.  Convinced that you’re all set? Congratulations!

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