10 Scary Signs You’re Being Love-Bombed By A Psychopath

Psychopaths don’t enter your life all moody and mean. They pretend to be everything you’ve ever wanted in a partner. They’re so loving, kind, and complimentary that you can’t help but believe them. Just when they get you where they want you with their love-bombing tactics, they’ll flip the script and bring you down. They will hurt you if they need to, to get what they want. Check these 10 signs that you’re being love-bombed by a psychopath so you can run away ASAP.

1. They flatter you to death.

omantic couple in the cafe is drinking coffee and talking. Handsome man and beautiful girl enjoying being together.

A psychopath has to make you fall in love with them, so they’re going to tell you that you’re amazing. They’ll compliment you — everything from your appearance to your personality to general compliments, like “I’m in awe of you” or “You’re amazing.” Really? They’re trying so hard to flatter you with truckloads of charm that they’re throwing out all the stops.

2. They get amped up about their “feelings.”

They’ll give you praise while getting emotional to make you think they’re empathetic and sensitive, and that they really feel for you. It’s all fake, okay? But here’s what they’ll do: they’ll get teary-eyed when talking about how much you mean to them, even though it’s, like, the third date. They might also throw in some sob stories about how no one’s made them feel the way you do to get your sympathy. Yikes.

3. They cross your boundaries without hesitation.

A psychopath will try to cross your boundaries but make you think it’s a good thing. So, they’ll rock up at your house when they know you’re hanging with your family to be included in the event, or they’ll laugh when you say you don’t want to go out and send a car for you anyway. They don’t understand “no” and that’s scary. (Sick of dating people like this? Check out our sister site, Sweetn. They have some incredible tips and tricks for avoiding psychos and other toxic people and can help you find REAL love. Visit them here.)

4. They dominate your time.

couple sharing romantic date

You just met them the other night, and now they want to see you for dinner. The next night, they invite you to see a movie. They’re keen to dominate all your time and it feels a bit too much. They might say they can’t stop thinking about you or whatever, but don’t buy it. They’re crazy, but they’re not crazy about you. They’re trying to isolate you from all your family and friends so they can take over your whole life.

5. They try to woo you with talk about “destiny.”

couple cuddling on picnic blanket

This person has been watching way too many rom-coms and he knows all the right things to say. So, they’ll mention that you’re so alike, you’re meant to be together. Or, they’ll talk about soulmates early on in dating. This should get your alarm bells sounding loudly because it’s a huge red flag they’re trying to rush you through dating to lock you down.

6. They keep “checking in” with you.

It’s not romantic when the person sends you check-in texts to see that you’re okay. What the heck? They’re basically finding excuses to be in touch with you, but it’s not because they miss you. It’s really because he wants to track all your movements and actions because they crave control. Damn, stalker alert! You’re definitely being love-bombed by a psychopath here.

7. They hijack your other plans.

If you mention to the new person you’re dating that you’ve got plans with your besties or family, they’ll try to find a way to get you to be with them instead. So, they’ll do a huge romantic gesture, like serenading you or surprising you with a limo at your house, to take you away. They want you to make them your entire universe, which is creepy.

8. They want you to change your status.

It’s romantic when the person you’ve started dating makes it clear that they want to change their relationship status on social media and suggests you do the same. But, if it’s only been two dates, you might want to tell the person that they’ve got to slow the heck down. They want the world to know you’re off limits, but it’s their way of getting what they want from you.

9. They take you for a ride.

A psychopath loves engaging in thrill-seeking behavior because they have dull emotions, so they’re always trying to feel something. To try to impress you, they might take you on an adventure, but the night can quickly turn into something dangerous, like breaking the law because they love to break all the rules and assume the rules aren’t meant for them.

10. They won’t stop talking about the future.

When you start hanging out with a psychopath, they’ll want to talk about future relationship goals right away. You’ll see that their ideas are way out there and over the top because they don’t have a clear hold of reality. So, they might conjure up romantic, outlandish future plans for you both that don’t make sense, like packing up your lives and going to Mars. But, they’re so charming, you might notch it up to them being intriguing. Don’t fall for it — you’re being love-bombed by a psychopath and need to run.

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Giulia Simolo is a writer from Johannesburg, South Africa with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has been working as a journalist for more than a decade, writing for sites including AskMen, Native Interiors, and Live Eco. You can find out more about her on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @GiuliaSimolo.