10 Ways You Know You’re Finally Over Your Terrible Ex

You’ll never really know how agonizing a breakup can be and how challenging the letting go and moving on phases are until you’ve actually got your heart ripped into pieces by someone you gave your body and soul to. It doesn’t happen overnight, but eventually you will get over him, and this is how you’ll know you’re finally there:

Everything doesn’t remind you of him anymore. 

When the breakup was new and your wounds were still fresh, absolutely everything made you think of him, from that band you saw once to that episode of The Simpsons to warm croissants at your local bakery. When that no longer happens and in fact he rarely enters your mind at all, you can be sure you’ve moved past him.

You no longer spend time stalking him online. 

You don’t obsess about whether he’s seeing someone new or whether his Facebook status is still about you. You’ve realized that whichever path he’s taking, it’s no longer your business. More importantly, you’ve come to accept how this painful but destructive habit is such a huge waste of time and that you have more important things to do in your life.

You’ve cut all ties with him. 

You’ve blocked his number and unfriended him on every social media app. And this time, you know it’s for good.

You no longer fantasize about getting back together.

You can sing T Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” with conviction and passion because you mean it with every fiber of your being this time.

Running into him in public doesn’t send you on an emotional roller coaster anymore.

These days when you run into him, it really is by chance (unlike the early post-breakup days, when you orchestrated the meetings). Yes, there’s still that sting when your eyes meet for a split second, but you know you can walk away and never look back anymore.

You’re done punishing yourself. 

You’re so done with playing your favorite songs on loop on your phone, watching the movies you’ve used to watch before during your Netflix marathons, and visiting the places you used to hang out at together during your days off. You know pity parties are useless, and because you’ve hit your limit, you’re now ready to be kinder to your yourself (and your heart) again.

You’re back to pursuing your life goals.

You kind of put your life on hold when he broke your heart, but now you’re ready to get back on track, you’re more determined than ever to reach your goals and make every day count — and nothing is going to stop you.

The thought of being in a serious relationship no longer makes you puke all over yourself. 

While you know you seriously need more time before you can jump into anything serious again, thinking about the day it happens doesn’t make you feel like you want to puke anymore. You’ve open your doors again and it won’t take much time before you open your heart and are ready to date again, too.

You can talk about what happened without having to ugly cry. 

Or be teary-eyed, for that matter. You can even discuss the details with your besties or any common friend who asks without feeling a thing. Congrats!

You can honestly say you’re happy for him. 

You may have been seriously devastated after your relationship ended, but you’ve grown and moved on. These days, you’re just happy for him, and wish him the best… well, mostly.

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