12 Differences Between Alpha, Beta, And Omega Women

Are you an Alpha, Beta, or Omega woman? What’s the difference between them and does it really matter? Alpha, Beta, and Omega became popular terms in fanfiction and supernatural fiction. They were used to describe a character’s purpose in life. In Greek, Alpha means first, Omega means last, and Beta is the second. Want to know which of these personality types fit you? Then keep reading to learn about the differences.

  1. Alphas are competitive and must always win. They love a good competition. Beta and Omega women love to compete too, but winning isn’t their biggest priority. If an Alpha woman doesn’t come out on top, she’ll on her skills until she does and will refuse to give up.
  2. Beta women lead from the shadows. She can take a leadership role if she needs to but she may do it so subtly that others don’t even notice. If you’re being led by an Alpha woman, she will make sure that you know who is in charge. Beta women are happy doing the work without being center stage – they’re confident but not overly showy about it.
  3. Omega women are the most introverted. While Beta women might be introverted as well, it’s to a lesser degree. They’ll socialize to promote their favorite cause or be with friends and family, whereas an Alpha woman jumps at the chance to be with other people at every opportunity. An Omega woman prefers her own company more than that of anyone else.
  4. Alpha women are motivators. They’re the very vocal cheerleaders of their family and social circle. If anyone comes to them with a problem, the Alpha woman will immediately start brainstorming for solutions. It’s not that Beta and Omega women don’t believe in people, they’re just a bit more understated with their support.
  5. Beta women rule their lives with their hearts. While an Alpha is logical and loves intelligent decisions, a Beta woman will not do something unless she “feels” it is the right thing for her to do. She loves fully and with passion whether the receiver wants to accept it or not.
  6. Omega women live in a world of their own. Sometimes reality is just too boring. It’s yet another reason why they tend to be introverts. You might notice an Omega woman sitting silently, doing nothing. She’s not doing nothing, though. Instead, she’s off in her own little world, planning, analyzing, and creating.
  7. Alpha women make education and learning a priority. They may or may not go to university but they’re always working to learn new things so that they can become better at whatever they do. You can always find them researching something – how to make the perfect bundt cake, how to save more money, or how to invest in the stock market. Their quest for knowledge is insatiable.
  8. Beta women are introverted. They guard their hearts with a wall so that they won’t get hurt. There are a select few that are allowed into the inner sanctum of a Beta woman’s life. While she isn’t anti-social, she takes care not to reveal too much about herself in public.
  9. Omegas don’t care about fitting in. They don’t follow the pack. Omega women are content to be who they are. They’re happy being unique and even a little weird. Women that are Omegas know that other people don’t really understand them or why they do the things they do, but they aren’t concerned about it.
  10. Alpha women are goal-oriented. They practice setting and chasing goals every single day. They have personal goals, spiritual goals, and career goals. They might not talk about their goals all the time but they know exactly where they want to be. They break big goals down into smaller ones and each day they do something to get them closer to where they want to be.
  11. Beta women analyze everything. Some people call Betas overthinkers. A Beta will not say anything until she’s thought it over several times. The same analysis goes into everything that is said to her. If you don’t say anything, it still means something.
  12. Omega women are empaths. They are sensitive and kind and feel other’s emotions deeply. They often take on the mother role and are frequently found taking care of other people. They are everyone’s safe haven, especially for the Alphas and Betas. This may be part of the reason why they are introverted – it can be hard to run around feeling everyone else’s feels all day!

Alpha, Beta, and Omega women are all important. The world needs all of these kinds of women to survive. Which one are you? Have no doubt that no matter which one you are, your value is appreciated and your contributions to the lives of those around you matter as much as anyone else’s.

Danielle has been a freelance writer for 20+ years. She lives in Canada with her dog Rogue and drinks a lot if coffee.