15 Little Things He Does For You That Actually Mean A Lot

15 Little Things He Does For You That Actually Mean A Lot ©iStock/momcilog

Your boyfriend loves you — the strength of your relationship is living proof of that — but sometimes it can be easy to forget that, especially once the honeymoon period is over and the romantic gestures die down a bit. That’s why you have to remember to appreciate the little things he does for you, because they actually mean a lot.

  1. Opening the door for you. You walk into a shop or a building and without hesitation, he opens the door and ushers you in before him. When he continually does this, it shows just how much of a gentlemen he is when he’s got you on his arm.
  2. Cooking dinner. You come home after a long day of work and dinner is on the table. He says it’s because he was so hungry he couldn’t wait, but you should know deep down that just because he was hungry doesn’t mean that him cooking for you is any less special.
  3. Doing housework/repairs. He puts away the dishes and starts the laundry all without you having to nag him? What a saint.
  4. Getting dressed up for date night. He didn’t buy that new shirt for himself — guys can have clothes for years without thinking they need replacing. He did it because he wants to look good for his girlfriend, and that should be appreciated.
  5. Holding your purse for you. You’re fumbling with your shopping bags and he offers to hold your purse while you get situated. This is huge. He doesn’t care if he looks emasculated because he’s too busy helping you out (and because he’s secure in himself, obviously).
  6. Surprising you with your favorite treat at that time of the month. You just got your period and he shows up with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s or your favorite chocolate bar. He knows just what you need to feel better and is happy to be the one that brings it to you.
  7. Noticing your haircut. You got a trim at the salon and when you come home, he actually notices! This is huge. If he notices your new haircut, he’s really paying attention to you.
  8. Walking on the side of the street closer to traffic. This is adorable because he’s literally putting himself in the danger zone just to make sure that if something went wrong, he’d be the one taking the brunt, not you.
  9. Watching a chick flick with you. It can be like pulling teeth to get a guy to watch a rom-com with you, so when he does, he’s not doing it for the movie. He’s doing it to make you happy.
  10. Saying thank you. It’s such a small way to show appreciation but that’s just what it is. If he says thank you when you do something for him, you know he’s not taking you for granted.
  11. Bringing you coffee in the morning. Not only does he remember exactly how you like your Half-Caf Skim Mocha Frappuccino, he goes out of his way to make sure that you get it first thing in the morning. He would love nothing more than to be the reason you start your day off right.
  12. Asking how your day was. It’s so simple, but can really show how much he cares about you. If he continually asks how your day was and actually listens when you respond, it means he’s truly interested in you and whether or not he needs to make your day better.
  13. Going out with you and your friends. When he makes an effort to hang out with your friends, you may feel as though it’s something he’s supposed to do, but it’s not. It’s something he does for you because anyone that matters to you matters to him, too.
  14. Holding your hand. This is part territorial and part showmanship. He wants the world to know that you’re his and how proud he is of that fact.
  15. Playing with your hair. Or caressing your face or touching your butt. Whenever you two are together, he can’t keep his hands off you in one way or another and it’s a good indication that you’re all he needs.
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