18 Reasons Not To Send Naked Photos, No Matter How Much He Asks

Sending naked selfies might be a thing right now, but it’s not necessarily something most of us are comfortable with. And besides, just because he asks doesn’t mean you need to oblige. If he asked if he could start sleeping with other women, would you be okay with that, too? Doubtful. Here are 18 reasons you should keep your private parts private.

You care about your future. 

If you dream of becoming the next Hilary, Jennifer Aniston, or CEO of a major company, don’t go jeopardizing your future for some guy. Now, if you want to be the next Kim Kardashian, go right ahead.

It’s about respect. 

Because you have it for yourself, and he’d better have it for you, too. If he does, he won’t ask, and if he doesn’t, he doesn’t deserve them.

Chances are, you will break up

. Sorry to be Debbie Downer here, but almost half of all marriages end in divorce, and you aren’t even married yet. Do you really want your ex having cart blanche over your nudes?

You’re worth the wait

. And anticipation is sexy. If he really wants you, he can wait to see the real thing in person.

One is never enough.

 So you caved and sent him what he’d been begging for for weeks. Sorry, girlfriend, but it’s not gonna stop there. Now he’s going to want to see you from every angle imaginable, in different lighting, with different filters. Enjoy the neverending disaster you just created.

Hiding your face doesn’t make you anonymous. 

Hate to break it to you, girls, but just because you strategically hide your face doesn’t mean no one will be able to recognize it’s you. Nice try.

You don’t want to.

You’re only doing it for him, and that’s the wrong reason to do anything. If you have to think twice about something you probably shouldn’t be doing it.

Because you probably aren’t the only one he’s asking for them. 

It’s like the late night booty call when he texts 5 girls hoping at least one will respond. Don’t be that girl.

They can’t be unseen. 

Just like a tattoo, you can try to cover it up, but it never really goes away.

He showed his friends. 

Because obviously you look too good for him not to brag to his friends about, but seriously, ew.

He loses his phone. 

Like all the time. The cab driver from last night didn’t just find his phone, he found something else, as well.

If you don’t get an immediate response, you’ll freak out. 

And start assuming crazy things, like that you need a labiaplasty,  instead of realizing that after all the time you spent trying to get the perfect shot, he fell asleep.

It’s impossible to Photoshop on an iPhone. 

And why send out anything less than perfection?

Even SnapChat can’t be trusted.

Nothing is safe. You thought you could Snapchat safely, but guess what – there’s an app you can use to save them now.

The Internet is a dangerous place.

You could be going viral right now and not even know it. You think all those girls posted pictures of themselves? Okay, maybe some…

You could accidentally send to the wrong person. 

Like a friend with the same name, your grandma, or God forbid, your boss.

People look through your phone. 

Because your douchebag friends can never just look at the one picture you’re trying to show them. STOP SCROLLING!! And let’s not even discuss the sales clerk at the cell phone store who just transferred your 1000 + “selfies” to your new device.

You’re exploiting yourself. 

End of story. If that’s something you enjoy and feel empowered by, by all means go for it and enjoy it. If you aren’t, listen to your instinct. You’re worth more than your naked body.

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