This 5 Pound Bag Of Jelly Beans Will Make Your Sugar-Filled Dreams Come True

When I was a kid, I hated that jelly beans were mostly an Easter thing, something that—save for Jelly Belly, really—only hit shelves for a couple of months every spring. They were probably my favorite candy not only of the Easter holiday but in general, their chewy sweetness making me happier than a little ball of sugar probably should. If you felt the same, you’ve gotta follow in my footsteps and grab this 5 LB bag of Brach’s jelly beans from Amazon ASAP.

  1. Brach’s are unequivocally the best jelly beans. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll never turn down a Jelly Belly (especially the Juicy Pear ones), but the Brach’s ones—usually referred to as “jelly eggs” around Easter—just have a certain je ne sais quoi. The shell is kinda crunchy and the inside is just pure melty sugar goodness. Ugh, I need to go grab a handful now.
  2. You’ll literally have jelly beans FOREVER! Well, or at least for a month or two. According to the nutrition label, 14 jelly beans is a serving, which equals about 41g. A 5 LB bag, therefore, has about 55 servings in it, which should last you a good long while. (Admission: I had to use a calculator/Google to figure that out!)
  3. They’re colorful and cheery. Which… doesn’t really matter, admittedly, but it does brighten up your space if you keep them in a dish or jar on your desk or coffee table at home. Honestly, even plopping a pile down in front of me makes me happy. I tend to separate them by color and eat them one by one, saving pink for last.
  4. Jelly beans are great for any occasion. Whether you want to take these into the office to share with your colleagues (or hoard in your desk for those post-lunchtime slumps), serve them up at your next party, or just keep them around your house to grab a handful whenever you need a sugar fix, there aren’t many problems a 5 LB bag of Brach’s jelly beans won’t solve, at least in my book. And for less than $15 ($13.25, to be exact), it’s not going to break the bank either.

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