5 Reasons To Put Your Career Ahead Of Your Love Life

Your 20s and 30s are a pivotal time in your career life. Maybe you went to college, or maybe you hopped right into your career. You may have already found the love of your life, or you could be as single as the crazy cat lady. Whatever your current situation, one thing is for sure: you should never forgo your career for your love life.

The right guy will support your dreams.

You should never have to give up on your dreams for a relationship. If a guy truly loves you, he’ll want you to pursue your dreams. The right partner would never ask a woman to give up her career for their relationship. Supporting each other’s dreams is the minimum, and you should be encouraging each other’s careers. Invest in each other’s futures so you can build a life together.

Ambition is sexy.

Being driven and successful makes you confident, and working hard and pursuing your dreams gives you a sense of self-worth. That confidence is sexy. Growing your professional life grows your self-esteem. If you’re attracted to men who have goals, they desire the same thing in women. We all want more, and we should keep working for more.

Feminism is on the rise.

It’s a man’s world, but it doesn’t have to be. You should find yourself just as important and worthy as your current or future partner. Belief in gender equality promotes equality in your relationship. You can both wear the pants and put food on the table by having a relationship built on respect for one another.

You create your future.

 You can’t depend on a man to secure your future; you need to be able to depend on yourself. A successful career can give you a better life. Not only will it (hopefully) help you stay above the poverty line, but your job can directly affect your happiness. You may have found your one true love, but if you’re coming home from work every day in misery, then what’s the point? Create your own happiness by putting the future in your hands.

You’ll find your independence.

If you’re single, one of the biggest struggles can be worrying you’ll end up alone. Been there, done that. In the end, one of the greatest things you can do is accept that you could make it on your own. We’re not stuck in the ’50s, and you don’t need a man to bring home the bacon. You have the money to buy it and the skill to fry it up on your own. Having a successful career promotes independence, and as crazy as it sounds, independence attracts a man. Find a relationship where you both want each other, not need. If a man thinks you need him, he has all the power, and vice versa. Have a relationship where you choose to be together and aren’t forced together to survive.

Making your career your top priority doesn’t mean you have to give up your love life entirely. True love may be hard to find, but so is a good job. Paying your dues and working hard are the best ways to land your dream job, and your dream guy should support your goals. You should never have to sacrifice your job for love, because the right guy will support your dreams. Follow your dreams wherever they take you and if it’s true love, you’ll be supported the whole way.

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