6 Unusual Things That Seriously Turn Us Guys On

As men with certain libidinal desires, we can guarantee there are a few things that’ll turn on just about any of us. These aren’t things like a nice rack or an ass that looks good in yoga pants, because those things are pretty generally accepted to be awesome in any guy’s book. Instead, we should get some credit, because sometimes the things that aren’t immediately noticeable or the ones that do it for us most.

You’re going places, and you know it. We love to see our girl succeed. Nothing’s sexier than a girl who goes after what she wants and gets it. The ability to take charge, kick ass and take names, gets us a little hot, I won’t lie. We know you’re this awesome, and seeing you live up to your potential makes us really happy. And horny. You’ve won an award for your work? Amazing! We’ll be more than happy to indulge you with a reward of our own once we get home.

You’ve got that cute, innocent thing going on. We know you’re playing. We know you’re much naughtier than you’re putting on, but when you act coy and pretend that we’re you’re big strong hero (even when the truth is that we can’t even open a jar), it really gets us going. Men like to feel like we’re big, strong and masculine, and when you re-enforce that, there’s some biological mechanism that wants it all, right now. Indulge our testosterone for a few minutes and we’ll melt.

You’ve perfected that “come hither” smile. Every guy knows that look: the upturned corners of your mouth and that sly smile in your eyes when the implication for some fun is on the table. It’s that “Come here, my burly prince” look you get when you’re feeling it. We could be cooking or working on a project or doing something completely unsexy, and that look would kill us and leave us panting like hungry dogs every time. Use it carefully, because despite our pride in maintaining control of a situation, we completely lose it in that moment.

That old t-shirt drives us wild. It’s probably some old busted up band t-shirt that’s a size or two too big – it may even be one of ours that we haven’t worn in a couple years. But every girl has that shirt that falls just exactly right and gives the hint of something really nice underneath. It’s like there’s one small lining of fabric that’s just barely hiding something awesome underneath. It’s the possibility of things so close but still unseen. We could just rip it off you and do some nasty stuff right there, but we’re trying to restrain ourselves. I don’t know what it is about that shirt, but… it’s good.

You’re not afraid to take control. Picture this: We’re just minding our own business and you come up without a word, kiss us and undo our belt. Damn. There’s just something about a woman who takes charge and who wants it just as bad as we do. A lot of times, guys can feel like we’re just dirty, sexual beasts with insatiable appetites. At the same time, we want you to be into it. When you are and you initiate it, that tells us that you think we’re sexy, and that’s just a straight-up awesome feeling.

You love us, for real. As guys, there’s no better feeling in the world than knowing we’re loved. To know you have that good-looking, ambitious, sexy, awesome love next to you, riding out the hills and valleys of life… well, doesn’t get any better. It might not be as sexy as that certain shirt, but knowing I can melt into a comfortable love with my girl, one where we can enjoy quiet Sunday mornings and have fun together alone, is just about as good an aphrodisiac as anything else.

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