8 Things To Know About Dating A Woman Who Doesn’t Take Crap From Anyone

8 Things To Know About Dating A Woman Who Doesn’t Take Crap From Anyone ©iStock/Rohappy

There’s something to be said about a woman who stands up for herself against anyone or anything that tries to tear her down. She might come across intimidating and hard headed at first, but dating her is actually one of the best decisions you could ever make — if you’re strong enough to handle her, that is.

  1. She doesn’t hesitate to call you out if you treat her like crap. You won’t have to work overtime to try and figure out why she’s pissed at you, because she straight up tells you. She doesn’t say “it’s fine” when she knows it’s definitely not. If you’re not treating her the way she deserves, be prepared to hear about it.
  2. She can handle herself. A woman who addresses the issues point blank is also a woman who can handle her own in any and all life situations. This means if she comes across someone in life who tries to bring her down, she stands tall and defends the right to her happiness. You don’t need to speak for her, she speaks for herself.
  3. She knows what she does and doesn’t want. If she’s a non-crap taker, she’s also a go-getter. She doesn’t let people get in the way of what she wants out of her life and this isn’t just applicable to her responsibilities and career ambitions, but also in the way she treats people and expected to be treated by them in return. She’s been brought down by people in the past, and she’ll be damned if she lets it ever happen again.
  4. She makes the good people in her life a priority. When a woman doesn’t take crap from anyone, you can be sure the people in her life are ones she truly adores and cares about. She wouldn’t waste her time with anyone who gives her grief or makes her miserable. She makes these people a priority because being in their company makes her feel amazing, and if you’re right there with her, it must mean you’re pretty amazing, too.
  5. She expects your respect if you want some in return. She’s not always combative; she only pipes up with blunt force when it’s provoked — there’s a difference. She’s one of the most respectful women you’ll ever meet in your life because she gives what she expects in return. If you can’t handle the concept of respect, walk away before she rips you a new a-hole for treating her unfairly.
  6. She’s not a bitch, she’s assertive. Vocalizing her dismay doesn’t make her a bitch. In fact, the fact that people still throw that word her way is complete BS. Some people stand up for themselves in an overly polite way, and that’s cool if that’s what works for them, but the woman who doesn’t take crap doesn’t have time to sugarcoat the details. She’s concise because she’d rather get the point across sooner than later.
  7. She’s no nonsense when it comes to drama. It might seem like speaking her mind when something upsets her in itself is dramatic, but in actuality she speaks up for herself to avoid drama. If she knows a situation is about to get messy or potentially destructive to her sense of self, she shuts it down ASAP. Simple as that.
  8. If you treat her well, she’ll treat you better. If you treat her with the same respect she pays you and you’re a decent human being who genuinely cares about her, she’s going to provide that same respect and admiration right back, and likely even more so. Even though she can be an intimidating person to come across, all she really wants is someone who understands respect and common sense on how to treat someone with kindness. If you can manage this and handle the fierce qualities about her, you’ll be loved in a no BS way.