8 Types Of Guys To Avoid If You’re Looking For A Serious Relationship

It’s becoming more and more impossible to find someone who is actually ready for commitment. Although you might be ready to jump into a serious relationship, there’s no guarantee that your guy is on the same page. If you’re looking for the real deal, here are 8 types of guys you should avoid.

The flaky guy.If a guy wants to see you, he WILL make an effort to see you.

No matter how packed his schedule is, he’ll find the time and make it happen.If a guy keeps constantly rescheduling or bailing on you last minute, then he’s not as interested as you may think.

The hook-up buddy.

We all fantasize that one day our hook-up buddy will magically fall in love with us and it’ll turn into a real relationship. If only it were that simple. True connection comes from an emotional connection first, not the physical. Just because you have strong sexual chemistry doesn’t mean you’ll make a good couple.

The man-child.

The man-child has become a phenomenon in recent years. Many guys are becoming more dependent on their parents for longer, are less keen on taking on responsibilities, and less willing to commit to a serious relationship. Look for a guy who has a job and can support himself.

The guy who just got out of a serious relationship.

Everyone copes with breakups differently. Depending on the person, it could take months or even years to fully heal from a breakup and even then, you never know when or if they’re fully ready to be in a relationship again. Fresh wounds take time to heal, so be careful with the recently single guys. You never know if they’re just looking for a rebound or they’re still hung up on their ex.

The guy who actually tells you he’s not looking for anything serious.

It doesn’t get more obvious than this. When he tells you he doesn’t want a relationship, he’s not playing hard to get or using some kind of hidden language. If he tells you that he’s not looking for anything serious from the start, then he actually means it, so save yourself the time and energy.

The guy who claims he never wants to get married.

I’m sure many men have made this claim at some point in their lives but then ended up getting married down the road. The thing is, if he’s saying this to you now, you have to assume that he probably also wants to be single for quite a while and not get your hopes up too high. Maybe he’ll change his mind or be be ready later on, but for the time being, he’s not a promising candidate.

The guy who’s still on several different dating apps.

If you catch the guy you’re dating still having active dating app accounts, then head for the hills. If he can’t cut ties from other prospective women, then he’s clearly not serious about focusing on just you. You want to be with someone who’s all about getting to know you and you only.

The guy who still doesn’t have his act together.

As women, we sometimes tend to fall for the broken guys — the guys who are “a work in progress.” We want to feel special because we want to be the ones who “fix” them. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. If you’re looking for something serious, go for the guy who has his life together and is ready for the real deal. Let the “works in progress” guys fix themselves.

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