9 Reasons You Should Give Short Guys A Chance

9 Reasons You Should Give Short Guys A Chance ©iStock/m-gucci

I only dabbled in online dating for a short period of time, but I recognized one thing about all of my possible online suitors: they all listed their height as 5’8″. Back then, I figured that stating you’re 5’8″ really meant you’re probably 5’6″ but hope that nobody will notice, which is a total stereotype, for sure. As a woman who stands at 5’10”, I didn’t necessarily pass these guys off based on their height alone. I passed them up based on my own insecurity about height in a relationship. Would they feel awkward because I was taller? Would I make their self esteem even worse?

I feel for short guys, since height is a factor that we, as humans, have no control over. It’s all based on genetics. Sure, it might be nice to envision a tall giant wrapping us up in a warm embrace, but so many short guys have such amazing personalities (and give great hugs) that it’s worth it to ditch our fantasies and give them a chance. While I had no problem dating shorter guys I already knew, I wish that back then, I wasn’t so nervous about taking a chance on a virtual stranger that probably would have been a lot of fun to get to know. It’s a shame that height might have drawn me away from, at the very least, a few amazing new friendships.

Just like we don’t want men to weed us out based on weight or how our bodies look, we shouldn’t ditch the idea of being romantically involved with a guy who wasn’t built to be a NBA player. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t just pass on the cute shorty that, according to OkCupid, might end up being your ultimate match.

  1. Short men can be really, really funny. Think Kevin Hart, Seth Green, and Martin Short. If he makes you laugh, height is not important whatsoever. Nobody wants to be with a guy who’s 6’5″ and doesn’t understand the punchline.
  2. You don’t have to wear heels. Heels might look cute, but they’re the absolute worst. If you’re dating a shorter man, you can ditch the twisted ankles and have a comfortable, casual night out.
  3. They’re less likely to divorce. Based on studies reported by The Huffington Post, short men are 32% less likely to call it quits. If you’re looking for a stable marriage, a shorter man might be able to give you everything you need for marital bliss.
  4. Evidence shows that shorter people live longer. Slate also reports that they’re less likely to have heart disease. Who doesn’t want a healthy partner?
  5. Short men will probably take you on amazing dates. They know they’re short, and they know that you might hold that against them. So, when they take you out on a date, they’re more likely to try really hard to show you how attractive they truly are, inside and out. You’re bound to have a fun and memorable time on your first date.
  6. He’s more likely to like you for you. He won’t be focused on the superficial stuff. In fact, he’ll probably find you at your most attractive when you’re in your natural state. What’ll impress him about you is your wit, and not your bra size.
  7. Height doesn’t equal success. In our heads, we might see Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome as being a CEO at some company that reeks of sex appeal. However, short men are driven, and are dead set on proving that height doesn’t make any difference in the professional world.
  8. Cuddling a short guy? Amazing. It’s like you’re snuggling up with a big stuffed animal, instead of climbing a tree like a koala.
  9. It’s all in the face, anyway. If your guy has an award winning smile, wouldn’t you want to be able to properly see it on a daily basis? To me, good looks are all about the face. Beautiful eyes? Great teeth? Decently groomed brows? Check.
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