You meet a guy, spend a few weeks or months dating him, and then start to really like him. However, when you discuss the prospect of being in an official relationship, he acts coy and noncommittal. What gives? Just because he won’t admit it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have feelings for you. Here are some signs that he likes you more than he’s letting on.

He listens to what you have to say. If the conversation flows easily and you always have tons to say to you and vice versa, there’s obviously an attraction there. A guy who likes you isn’t self-absorbed and just talks about himself like a lot of guys (and women!) do. He lets you talk and he’s super interested in what you have to say, but he also listens—and I mean really listens. He isn’t just waiting for his chance to speak. It feels great.

He’s always there for you when you have a problem. Because he’s a good listener, this guy is always there to support you when you need his advice or just some support during a tough time. In fact, he’s the first in line to help you out with anything you need, even if it’s just something small like grabbing you a burger when you’re hungry. Why? Well, because he just wants you to be happy, and he knows that making you happy will ultimately make him happy.

He finds ways to run into you. He always seems to pop up in unexpected places. It’s like he actively seeks you out to reach out to talk to you, online and offline. Even if you haven’t spoken to him in a while, he always makes the effort to speak to you or arrange a time to catch up. He may even take the initiative with planning extravagant dates and fun things for you to do when you next see each other while you just take a backseat.

He comments on your social media posts. If he really likes you, he’ll also keep an eye on you on social media when you’re apart. Whether it’s silently watching your Instagram Stories or replying to your latest tweet, he’s interested in what you’re doing and when you’re doing it, and he always wants you to keep him in the forefront of your mind. Why? Well, because he’s got a serious case of the feels.

He drops other plans for you. You might also find that this guy prioritizes you, whether you’ve only just seen each other or you haven’t seen each other for a while. Even if he already has plans, he cancels them or rearrange them just so he can fit you into his schedule. This just shows how much he cares. While no guy should be abandoning the rest of his life for you, knowing that you’re a priority feels incredible.

He wants to make sure you get home safely. If you guys have just been on a date and it’s late at night, does he always want to know that you got home okay or offer to take you home himself? If so, he seriously cares about your safety. When a guy cares about your safety, he obviously cares about you.

He introduces you to other people in his life. Does he always seem keen for you to meet loved ones in his life? Whether it’s his Great Aunt Tessie, his neighbor, or his parents’ dog, he’s happy to integrate you into every aspect of his life and this says a lot. After all, he wouldn’t do this unless he saw a future with you, would he?

He doesn’t like it when you get other interest. Whenever another guy shows you interest or you seem to be moving on by going on another date, this guy doesn’t like it. Not only that, but it’s pretty obvious he doesn’t like it through his words or his actions. Maybe you even have arguments about it. Sure, jealousy is not an attractive emotion, but you can’t deny one thing: it shows just how much someone cares.

He won’t let you go. Finally, the top sign that he cares more about you than he admits is that he won’t ever let you go. Even if you go for a long time without talking, he’ll always find a reason or excuse to keep coming back to you. That’s because he can’t imagine not having you in his life, and that says it all.

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