9 Things Creepy Guys Need To Stop Saying To Women NOW

We’ve all experienced it. You don’t need to be smoking hot with C cups and jean shorts for creeps to say crap to you on the street. The requirements are simply that you’re female, you have boobs and an ass, and you’re younger than him (or at least most of the time). Literally the only requirements.

Maybe it was funny a few years ago, or maybe you were flattered by how much attention you got. But now it’s getting old, not to mention more and more disgusting as the days go by. Here’s just a modest list of the things we’ve probably all heard at some point from some douchebag while just running an errand, going to work, coming back from the gym, or minding our own goddamn business.

Telling us to “smile.”

Doesn’t matter if you have resting bitch face, or just a regular face. There’s nothing to smile about when you’re on your way to the grocery store. I’m not here to be pretty for you, so GTFO.

A fairly inoffensive adjective, like “beautiful” or “gorgeous.”

This one’s the most mild, but still, is there really a need to make a comment in the first place? It’s like they’ve never seen a woman before. That, or we’re all such goddesses that they involuntarily have to make a noise or else they’ll implode.

Whistling at us when they drive past in their crappy cars.

While it’s not really saying something, it comes out of their mouth, so I’m counting it. Talk about the most cowardly and unimaginative of comments.

Something in a foreign language that we can only imagine is dirty.

I don’t speak a lot of languages, nor do I look like I speak a lot of languages, so if you’re saying something in anything other than English, it’s probably to mask the content. Again, douchebag: control thy-self.

Asking us if they can innocently “ask us a question,” and then saying something stupid.

Essentially, they try to get us to stop so they can talk to us, because if they senselessly blurted out what they were really thinking, we’d just blow right by them. When it happened to me, they followed with “Are you a model? Because you’re just gorgeous,” or some crap. Loser.

Asking about our natural hair color.

I don’t understand what’s so important about hair color, but this seems to come up quite often. It’s like they don’t believe your hair color naturally occurs on Earth. Or, they’re trying to figure out what you look like down there so they can get back to their nasty thoughts. Ew.

Something so disgusting, you wish you could unhear it.

Once, I was just standing around at the mall with a friend. This guy comes up and says out of the blue, “Do you want to have my kids?” No “hi” or anything, just that. He definitely went to school for pick-up lines that don’t make you want to douse yourself in gasoline and light yourself on fire as a cleanse.

Commenting on how much better we’d look with a different outfit or hairstyle.

If you frequently go out in a t-shirt, jeans or ponytail, you’ve probably heard some crap a few times like “Imagine how she’d look with her hair down HAR-HAR!” They must think they’re so clever, or something?

Blatantly focusing on our boobs, ass, legs, face, or really anything at all that’s connected to us.

These douchebags skip the introduction and go straight for our parts. They don’t even need to look us in the eye; they just talk directly at whichever part they’ve never seen before, waiting for it to talk back. Newsflash: it won’t.

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