A Guy Shares Things Women Do To Come Off As “Too Clingy”

There’s nothing wrong with putting effort into your relationship but there is such a thing as going a little too far. If a guy thinks of you like a clingy girlfriend, it means you’re a clingy girlfriend. So what might you be doing to earn that title?

Constant texting

It’s common for couples to text a lot, but don’t force a guy to make texting an all-day affair. Even if we like you, we have other things to do and can’t be in a non-stop text convo. If a girl is texting us too much, it makes her seem clingy and overbearing. Remember, even in a close relationship, we need room to breathe.

Not giving us time for the guys

Most guys aren’t down with a girlfriend who gets in the way every time we want to spend time with our friends. If there’s a good reason why we can’t hang, that’s fine, but don’t try to stop us just for the sake of it. Remember, couples don’t have to do everything together. If you force your boyfriend to blow off plans with his friends because you “need” him around, you’re being too clingy.

Always asking about our whereabouts

We’re not 14 and you’re not our mom so you don’t have to keep track of our whereabouts 24/7. Yes, couples share things about their lives like where they’re going, but that doesn’t mean you can constantly “check in” with us to find out where we are. Wherever we go, we’ll tell you about it later; you don’t need the play-by-play as it’s happening. Always trying to figure out where we are is clingy and makes it seem like you don’t trust us.

Hating our female friends

Odds are there’s nothing wrong with or shady about our female friends. If you hate them or get jealous of them, it makes you seem kind of clingy and insecure. Unless were unusually close with an ex or get a little too flirty with a female friend, you can relax because there’s nothing to worry about.

Not leaving our side in public

You’re supposed to mingle at parties, right? Well, that’s tough to do when you won’t let go of our hand. Even on dates, we don’t need to walk arm in arm all night. Yes, it’s nice to feel close to someone, but if you overdo it, that’s a sign that you’re becoming too attached and too clingy in the relationship.

Trying to pick out our clothes.

Remember, you’re not our mother and we’re not in second grade. Insisting that we wear a certain outfit is both clingy and controlling. Don’t get me wrong, we’re always open to wardrobe suggestions, but don’t get offended when we pick out our own clothes.

Moving in without telling us

If we’re not officially living together, don’t try to sneakily move in without telling us. This will definitely come off as clingy girlfriend behavior. If you take over a drawer, bring over a week’s worth of groceries, or leave a few too many toiletries, it makes us think that you’re trying to move in before we mutually agreed on it.

Befriending our family and friends.

Yes, sooner or later you will meet our friends and family, but don’t try to do it before we actually introduce you. Wanting to meet our family right away is super clingy and a little creepy. It’s harder to break up with someone once they know your family and friends, so when you go out of your way to meet them early in the relationship, it’s a little unnerving. It also makes it seem like you’re trying too hard, which can be easily confused with clingy behavior.

Revolving your schedule around us

On the surface, this doesn’t sound that bad, but being in a relationship doesn’t mean the rest of your life comes to a grinding halt. Yes, couples should spend a lot of time together, but you can’t cancel all of your other plans and abandon your friends. If everything you do revolves around your boyfriend, it feels clingy. It also puts a lot of pressure on us, so please make sure you’re not trying to spend every single minute of your life with your boyfriend.

Agreeing with everything we say

Couples shouldn’t agree on everything. In fact, disagreeing on some things helps keep things interesting. If you just agree with your boyfriend on everything, it makes it seem like you’re trying way too hard to connect with him. Besides, most guys like a girl who’s opinionated and isn’t afraid to stir the pot a little with an opposing viewpoint.

Being obsessed with our social media accounts

This is definitely the sign of a Stage 5 clinger. I know it’s the 21st century, but healthy relationships still happen in real life, not online. Don’t get mad that we didn’t like your most recent post. Don’t bug us about not posting enough pictures of us together. Don’t freak out about anything you see on our social media. If you’re always checking our profiles or obsessing over what you find, you’re a clingy girlfriend. In the end, none of that stuff matters as much as the time we spend together as a couple.

Needing constant assurance that we love you

Of course, good boyfriends will shower you with love and affection, but we don’t need to tell you we love you every 10 minutes. If you ask us for constant reassurance that we love you, you’re a clingy girlfriend, not to mention insecure. As long as we’re being a decent boyfriend, you shouldn’t need constant assurance of our feelings. Just chill out a bit.

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