Do You Act Like A Hot Girl Or An Ugly Girl? Here Are 20 Differences

We’ve all known that girl — she’s not the most conventionally attractive in the bunch but you’d think she was a Victoria’s Secret model based on the way men fall for her. What’s her deal? She has HOT girl energy, which is all about attitude, not appearance. She loves herself so others do too.

So, want to up your game? Then bring out the “hot” girl that lives in you. She’s the most confident, self-respecting part of yourself. And silence the “not” girl — that’s the that ugly, insecure voice that lives inside us all that we need to ignore. Here are 20 differences between the “hot” girl in you and the “not” girl in you:

The “not” girl in you tries to prove her worth to a man.

The hot girl in you will only stay with a guy who understands her worth.

The “not” girl in you expects a man to complete her.

The hot girl in you completes herself.

The “not” girl makes a man the center of her universe.

The hot girl has a life.

The “not” girl tolerates being treated like an afterthought.

The hot girl expects to be treated like a priority.

The “not” girl questions her own desirability when a guy isn’t good to her.

The hot girl doubts the guy’s desirability.

The “not” girl will agonize over a guy’s confusing behavior.

The hot girl has better things to do.

The “not” girl sees herself through a man’s eyes.

The hot girl sees herself through her own eyes.

The “not” girl expects little and gets little.

The hot girl expects a lot and gets a lot.

The “not” girl obsesses over her weaknesses.

The hot girl defines herself by her strengths.

The “not” girl needs to be with a man.

The hot girl chooses to be with a man.

The “not” girl revolves her life around a guy.

The hot girl maintains her independence.

The “not” girl ignores red flags.

The hot girl runs.

The “not” girl values attention.

The hot girl values respect.

The “not” girl works hard to keep a guy interested.

The hot girl knows that, while all relationships require work to be healthy and grow, you shouldn’t have to work hard to keep a guy interested if he’s the right guy.

The “not” girl is an expert in denial.

The hot girl trusts her gut.

The “not” girl thinks her appearance is the key to keeping a man.

The hot girl knows that being intelligent, interesting, and independent matter above all else.

The “not” girl will wonder whether a guy is into her.

The hot girl thinks about whether she’s into the guy.

The “not” girl focuses on what a guy says.

The hot girl focuses on how he behaves.

The “hot” girl would rather be single than settle.

The not girl is afraid to be alone.

The “not” girl obsesses over how she looks.

The hot girl focuses on what she exudes.

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