Being Amazing Girlfriend Material In A Hookup-Obsessed World Is Depressing AF

When you know you’re a total catch but can’t manage to meet a nice guy who wants a real relationship no matter how hard you look, you start to wonder what you’re doing wrong. You have your act together in life, you know how to love and you’re ready to do so with everything you have, but all you keep finding is dudes who want to hook up and leave it at that. Not only is it WTF-worthy, it’s depressing as hell.

  1. You go into every experience with a pure heart but keep getting screwed over. You start every new dating adventure with high hopes — maybe this could finally be the guy! — so, like any decent human, you treat him with respect and courtesy. In return, you get way too many guys who don’t really care about chivalry or even basic levels of kindness. Instead, they’re only interested in getting laid. If you’re not offering that, they’re not interested.
  2. You’re honest about what you want but plenty of guys lie to hook you. Even when you’re totally upfront and honest about what you want, guys will go along with it hoping that they can fool you just long enough to get you into bed and then make up some sorry ass excuse as to why they’re not ready or why they’ve changed their minds about a relationship. You’re a smarter than that and you know that this is complete crap, so it’s hard for you to let your guard down a lot of the time when a guy who actually seems genuine comes along. Ugh.
  3. You’re no stranger to being ghosted after you trusted your instincts. Ghosting completely baffles you. You’re an honest person; you believe in kindness and respect and you’ve unfortunately felt the brutal hit of being ghosted after finally sleeping with a guy you thought you could trust. You simply can’t comprehend how anyone who claims to call themselves a man could disappear from your life without so much as a word. WTF is wrong with these dudes?
  4. You have a hard time opening up completely. Keeping those walls up comes almost naturally to you now because even though you know you’re a total catch, the vibe of the dating world around you tells you to keep your heart close until someone truly and genuinely proves they’re worth it, which hasn’t happened so far. The problem is, those guys are so rare, they may as well be on another planet, undiscovered yet by NASA.
  5. You constantly question how we got here as a society. Since when did being amazing girlfriend material sentence you to a long and rough road of being single and treated like garbage by idiots who don’t see the bigger picture? How exactly did our dating society become so warped that it’s now more desirable to have multiple people go in and out of our beds than having one person of quality with whom you can build a future? Amazing women just like you are getting the crap end of the stick and it’s just baffling.
  6. You’re so sick of guys who don’t appreciate how amazing you truly are. Guys just don’t truly realize how amazing and lucky they are to have your attention in the first place. Most of them don’t even take the time get to know you well enough to find out before they’re off hopping into the next empty bed they can find. The sad reality is that even if you don’t hook up with a guy and do place a higher value on yourself in that regard, they still move on quickly because hook-up culture has made sex so easily and readily available. If they can’t get it from you now, they’ll go somewhere they can.
  7. You wonder if love is really meant for you since it’s become so hard to find. Being an amazing woman and a true catch among this garbage dating culture is such an exhausting feeling. No matter what you do or don’t do, your value is completely overlooked in favor of quick and easy micro relationships. Basically, hooking up is the fast food of the dating world and no one wants anything wholesome anymore.
  8. You feel like you’ve tried everything but keep coming up short. You’ve tried every which way of dating, but no matter what set of rules you choose to follow or ignore, it doesn’t change the fact that people don’t see who you are both inside and out. Finding love is truly hard for everyone and it’s even more of a struggle when you’re someone who has a lot to offer and knows what you want. You’ve sworn off trying countless times because you just don’t know what it’s going to take for someone to see you for more than a quick and easy pleasure.
  9. You’re at your wit’s end, but somehow faith keeps you going. Even though you feel like you’re going insane at times trying to process exactly why the hell you’re still single, you know that eventually among all of the sex-crazed maniacs, someone is going to appreciate exactly how amazing you are and will see just what a wonderful girlfriend you’d make. It might be harder than ever to navigate the playing field when you’re a total catch, but faith keeps you going even if it’s a struggle.