Sex Isn’t Everything, So Why Not Embrace Your Dry Spells?

Sex Isn’t Everything, So Why Not Embrace Your Dry Spells? ©iStock/gpointstudio

I hate hearing my friends whine about not getting any for a few weeks. I don’t get it. Sure, sex is great, but a dry spell isn’t a bad thing. It’s not like your vagina’s just going to dry up and never work again. She’ll work just fine when the time comes. For now, you just need to embrace your dry spell. Whether it lasts for a week or even a few years, you’re not missing out on anything. Besides, you can always have as many orgasms as you want by yourself without all the hassle of trying to meet a guy, so stop complaining and start enjoying some time off from sex.

  1. It’s all about you. Who cares if he’s getting off? For now, it’s all about you and what you want. Not up for sex first thing in the morning, no problem. Want to watch TV instead? It’s all up to you. There’s no partner to worry about right now, just your own needs.
  2. You get to wear the comfy underwear. Sexy underwear weren’t made to be worn for long — that’s why we’re constantly trying to discreetly work them out of our ass cracks. For now, you get to wear your comfy panties, no matter how unattractive they are. My ass loves them and that’s all that matters.
  3. No chance of being late. If you’re not have sex, you don’t have to worry if you’re a day late. No panic attacks. No need to grab a pregnancy test. No wondering who might be the father. You’re safe and baby-free. Need I say more?
  4. No need to get tested. No matter how careful you are, STDs are still a possibility. Worrying about your test results each month wears you out. Instead, embrace your dry spell and know you’re STD-free. Besides, who doesn’t like not having to go get tested?
  5. You feel better being solo. Being alone isn’t a bad thing. When you’re constantly with others, it’s hard to remember that. A dry spell gives you some much needed alone time. It also helps boost your confidence and reminds you that you’re just fine on your own.
  6. Your bed’s all yours. My favorite! I hate sharing my bed. What can I say? I’m selfish. When your latest guy’s not staying over anymore, your bed is yours. Sleep however you want. Toss and turn without being bitched at. It’s wonderful!
  7. You learn more about what you want. Bad or average sex kind of makes you think it doesn’t get any better. It’s impossible to even know what you really want when your partners keep getting it wrong. Not to mention, you’re too tired to even care. Now’s your chance to spend time learning what you really want. Finally, you get enjoyable sex that’s going to lead to even better sex later.
  8. It’ll be even better when it does happen. Sex is like great food. If you have your favorite food every day for every meal, you’ll get sick of it. Yes, you can get bored with sex. It becomes routine. Hold off for a while and even mediocre sex seems great. Now imagine how much better amazing sex will feel after waiting a few months or so.
  9. Funny things happen after a while. When it’s been way too long, you start acting a little weird. Everything’s about sex. You can’t even shop for groceries without thinking about how that sausage compares to your last boyfriend. You’ll even become a sexpert at jokes (see what I did there). Okay, so you might not love this part, but your friends will.
  10. Your standards get more realistic. You might have only wanted 10s to start with, but a dry spell suddenly makes you realize those 7s and 8s aren’t so bad, either. If you happen to be one of those women who want perfection, a dry spell helps make you a bit more realistic.
  11. You focus on the relationship. If you  happen to be in a relationship and start going through a dry spell, it’s OK. Sometimes sex gets in the way of talking, doing other things together and making the relationship stronger. Take the time to focus on the relationship. The closer you become, the shorter that dry spell will be.
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