Are Women the New Men? 9 Ways We’re Surpassing Guys

Are Women the New Men? 9 Ways We’re Surpassing Guys ©iStock/teksomolika

Traditional gender roles have led us to believe that males are supposed to be dominant, and females submissive. But with gender equality making such huge strides in large part to the recent trendiness of feminism, we are starting to shift our expectations of what people can be. There will always be traits that are stereotypically considered “masculine”, but that doesn’t mean women can’t embody them as well.

  1. We’re making career a priority. Career goals for women used to be having a part time job, or going back to work after our kids started school. But now, having a fulfilling career is just as, if not more, important than our personal lives.
  2. We’re putting ourselves first more often. Women have a tendency to get so caught up in taking care of other people that we end up neglecting ourselves. Now, we’re realizing we’ll be a lot more help to others if we’ve figured our own lives out first.
  3. We’re waiting longer to have kids. We’re realizing there’s a lot of life to live before we get tied down with kids. Our 20’s are the perfect time to travel, and focus on ourselves. There will be plenty of time to have kids later, or never.
  4. We have no problem making the first move. Although we might choose to sit back and let a guy pursue us, if we see something we like, we’re not going to let it pass us by. Making the first move may be preserved for special occasions, but when we want a guy, we go for it.
  5. We expect great sex. Guys aren’t the only one who have expectations in the bedroom. Settling for sub-par sex is no longer something women are okay with doing, which is a good thing for everything in the long run, isn’t it?
  6. We don’t necessarily get emotionally attached to every guy we sleep with. Guys have always had the upper hand when it comes to causal sex. They don’t need to have feelings for a girl to have sex with her. And now, neither do we. We’re just as capable of having a one night stand, and never thinking about the guy again.
  7. We can and will speak our minds. Gone are the days where women were meek wallflowers with no voices of their own. Women these days are just as capable of leading an important meeting, or being the life of any party, as men.
  8. We can multitask with ease. Guys have traditionally had one job: make money. Women on the other hand, have always had to juggle multiple priorities, and now that we’re adding having a fulfilling career to the list, there’s even more to do. And we’re up to the challenge.
  9. We’re born leaders. That natural maternal sense women have make us great leaders. We’re better listeners, and more empathetic of others than men, meaning we have a better chance at being a boss people like, instead of fear.
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