Are You A Needy Girlfriend? 10 Signs You’re Too Reliant On Your Partner


It’s easy to get caught up in a guy, especially when you’re in love (or lust). Blame it on your hormones! Just make sure you don’t get carried away. If any of these 10 things sound familiar, you’re too reliant on your partner and you need to chill and regain some of your independence.

You Get Upset When There’s Silence.

If he doesn’t respond to your texts, you freak out. Whether it’s been 30 minutes or a few hours, you start imagining the worst-case scenario (which is that he no longer loves you). This is a pretty clear sign you’re too reliant on your boyfriend and not confident in yourself. Your mood shouldn’t plummet just because you haven’t received a text in the last hour.

You’re Pretty Much A Shadow.

You go everywhere with him even when you’re not exactly invited. Sure, you’re his girlfriend and have every right to be with him, but sometimes guys just want to hang out with other guys. You don’t care! You’ll invite yourself and ignore the eye rolls from his friends. That doesn’t make you fun, it makes you a pain in the ass.

You’re Angry All The Time.

For whatever reason, you think your partner should tell you every single thing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to be forthcoming in a relationship, but you can’t expect to always be the first to know. And yet you do, which is why you’re easily offended whenever you miss out on information. Unfortunately, you’re always going to be offended because you’ll never know everything.

You’re Overly Suspicious.

Every girl is a competitor in your eyes, which is one of the reasons why you don’t bring your friends around. You can’t imagine a life without your boyfriend and you’re doing everything in your power to make sure you keep them interested in you. The truth is, the more suspicious and accusative you are, the more likely he is to stray.

You Stalk Him On Social Media.

It’s one thing to stalk your crush on social media, it’s another thing entirely to stalk your boyfriend. Why stalk someone you’re in a committed relationship with? Oh, because you’re too clingy. If you’re spending half the day on his, his family’s, and friend’s social media, there’s a huge issue in your relationship.

You Always Need His Attention.

You talk for hours, even when he’s clearly not interested. All you care about is the fact that you’re talking for hours. Unfortunately, the duration doesn’t matter if he doesn’t feel engaged in the conversation and you’re not saying anything of value. The neediest girlfriends are the ones who want their boyfriend’s attention (and don’t care how they get it).

Their Happiness Is More Important.

You happily put your interests aside to suit his. It’s not compromising or getting out of your comfort zone — you completely ignore who you are, in order to put a smile on your partner’s face. The sad truth is, you won’t be able to keep up this charade. Sooner or later, he’s going to realize you’re mimicking instead of being truthful to yourself.

You Only Make Time For Them.

Your partner is the only person you make time for. You’ve completely forgotten about your friends and family. While it’s natural to get caught up in the beginning, after a few months the honeymoon phase should settle down. If it doesn’t, that means you’ve turned into a needy girlfriend. Someone who wants a significant other more than they want friends is not someone worth knowing.

You Envy His Life.

Your life has taken a pause but his life hasn’t. and that pisses you off. You think he should be obsessed with you the same way you’re obsessed with him. In your eyes, that means he should be ignoring his friends and only making plans with you. Thinking that makes you a very needy girlfriend because realistically, you and your partner should have your own lives.

You’re Forcing Marriage.

You want him to 100% commit to you, but not for the right reasons. Sure, you’re in love, but you want him to legally be yours so you can feel secure. Unfortunately, if you don’t feel secure now there’s not much a ring or a marriage license will do to change that. When it comes to love and commitment, everyone goes at their own speed. Rushing him for your own comfort proves you’re way too reliant.

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