Former Army Sergeant Turned Adult Film Star Says It Was ‘Next Logical Step’ In Her Career

A former army sergeant turned porn star has said the career change was the “next logical step” in her life. Kayley Gunner finished her military service recently and decided to venture into the adult film world in 2020 as she’s always been fascinated by it and wanted to take part. Turns out, it’s working pretty well for her!

  1. Gunner served in the US Army for five years. She loved her time in the forces, but she admitted she was looking for a “new and exciting” experience after she finished. In fact, many of the skills she learned in the Army have been transferrable to her new career field.
  2. She feels confident being in front of the camera. You’d have to be for this field! In a press release from her agency, Nexxxt Level Talent, she said: “I recently finished my service in the military, and I have been looking for a new and exciting experience beyond those amazing years. I enjoyed camming in the past and gained a lot of confidence being in front of the camera. Getting into the adult film industry seemed like the next logical step for advancing my brand.”
  3. Gunner has a lot to prove in the industry. She’s wanted to take part in porn for so long partly because she feels she has a lot of talent and some new skills to bring to the industry. “Also, I have always had a fascination with the adult film industry and knew it would be something to pursue that I enjoy. Now that I am here, I can’t wait to show the world what I can do,” her press release continued.
  4. She already has plenty of fans. So many, in fact, that she did a Reddit AMA this week to answer their burning questions (and there were many). Incidentally, many of them were about her time in the Army and what she’s like when not in front of the camera. It’s actually a pretty interesting read!

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