Bad Boy Traits We Wish All The Nice Guys Had, Too

Bad Boy Traits We Wish All The Nice Guys Had, Too ©iStock/g-stockstudio

Every woman has had a thing for a bad boy or two. Of course, most of us are wise enough to realize that they don’t make the best boyfriends. That doesn’t stop them from being attractive, though, which is why we’d prefer to be with a nice boy with a few sexy, bad boy traits like these:

  1. Spontaneity. It’s boring to know every move you’re going to make before you make them. We want our boyfriends to be unpredictable. Surprise us with a date. Catch us off guard with a kiss. Do something shocking that’ll make us swoon.
  2. Adventurousness. We don’t want all of our dates to consist of dinner and a movie. We want you to suggest something a little more intense, like going white water rafting or taking an impromptu trip overseas. We want you to take risks with us.
  3. Roughness. We don’t want you to order us around in front of our friends. We just want you to be a little rough in the bedroom. Pull our hair, push us up against a wall, and rip our clothes off. It’s a major turn-on to see how eager you are to throw us into bed.
  4. Bluntness. Bad boys are honest, which means they’ll tell you the truth even when it’s hard to hear. They’re also direct, which means they’ll go after what they want. If they like a woman, they’ll ask her out without playing any mind games.
  5. Masculinity. Stereotypical bad boys are muscular, have tons of facial hair, and ride motorcycles. They’re the definition of masculinity. Even though we don’t need a man who can lift twice his body weight, we’d like to have someone who acts like they can take care of us (even though we can take care of ourselves)
  6. Courage. If another guy says something inappropriate to us at a party, we want our man to walk up to the stranger and give him a talking to. We don’t want someone quick tempered, but we do want someone who won’t hesitate to protect us.
  7. Mysteriousness. A little mysteriousness never hurt. We don’t need you to pretend that you’re living some double life. We just don’t want you to blab about every family member and friend you have on the first date. Save some things for later.
  8. Carelessness. We want a man who doesn’t give a damn about anything—well, anything but us. We don’t want you to care about the way you look, how much money you make, or what your friends think of our relationship. We only want you to care about being happy.
  9. Passion. If you want to make us melt in the bedroom, bring out your passionate side. We want to see you touch us like you mean it, kiss us like you mean it, and thrust your hips like you mean it. The more passion, the better. It’s the biggest turn-on there is.
  10. Confidence. We want to be with a man who knows he’s hot stuff. We don’t want him to be constantly second-guessing himself. We want him to be strong and sure.
Holly Riordan is a writer from Long Island, New York who has authored several science fiction and horror books. A graduate of Stony Brook University, she has spent nearly a decade writing for publications including Thought Catalog, Huffington Post, Teen Vogue, and more. You can find her on Instagram @hollyrio and Twitter @hollyyrio.