How Do You Deal With A Sensitive Guy?

Women tend to get the reputation for being the more sensitive of the sexes, but this is commonly refuted even by the more “macho” of men out there. Guys can be touchy, too, and when a guy is really truly very sensitive, it can whole other ballgame. Here’s how to handle him.

Don’t try to play games.

They just don’t work on a sensitive dude – not in the beginning of the relationship, not in the middle. Never.

You might have to make him feel secure.

You can be the most loyal girl in the world, but your sensitive dude might question the state of your relationship status, anyway.

Get vulnerable.

Playing hard to get might be your preferred M.O. but making it work with a more sensitive guy generally requires you to let your walls down a bit.

Be honest about your feelings.

He’s going to know something is up no matter what happens, so generally just keeping informed about your feelings can help avoid issues.

Don’t offer him outs.

You know when you really want to hang out with a guy but you aren’t sure they feel the same so you offer them an easy going out just in case they’re going to bail on you? A sensitive guy will read that as you trying to bail on him, not that you’re low maintenance.

Be the extrovert in the relationship.

Maybe you’re not usually the most outgoing of your friend group, but in this coupling you are. Embrace the role.

Don’t try to make him jealous.

A sensitive guy is already aware of the fact that other guys in the room are checking you out, no use in torturing the guy by actually flirting with them.

Let him know he’s your one and only.

Touch his arm when you guys are out, smile at him from across the room, stay connected.

Don’t be afraid to make moves.

Whether it’s asking him out to begin with or getting him to the bedroom after date nights.

Let him know what you love about him in the bedroom.

A sensitive guy can be as confident as any other guy in the sack, but it doesn’t hurt to compliment and point him in the right directions.

Try not to bicker for no reason.

I know, sometimes it just happens. But remember that a sensitive guy is going to take everything you say to heart, so try not to say things you don’t mean.

Keep it touch.

Call or text your sensitive guy whenever you feel like it, because he likes to stay connected in the same way that you do.

Don’t be dependent on him.

Of course your boyfriend should be there for you but you don’t want to expect to carry all of your emotional baggage, because he’s going to worry about it even more than you do.

Apologize when necessary.

Holding grudges or building resentment is going to felt by a sensitive guy so it’s better to handle issues as the come.

Be a patient listener.

Sometimes sensitive guys will clam up when they feel vulnerable, but he needs to be heard as much as the rest of us.

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