The Best Ghosting Responses To Send When You’ve Been Dropped

While it would be nice if emotional maturity was a prerequisite for romantic relationships, sadly, it’s not. That means there are plenty of people in the dating scene who don’t seem to know or care how to treat other people. So, when you’re dating someone you really like and they realize they don’t feel the same, they’re more likely to drop you without a word than actually tell you to your face. It’s infuriating and unfair and it’s natural to want to give them a piece of your mind. Here are some of the best ghosting responses to send when they go AWOL.

Should you text someone who ghosted you or let it go?

Generally speaking, it’s always a good idea to take the high road when someone does you wrong in dating. After all, if they were careless enough to go AWOL and didn’t respect you enough to have a face-to-face conversation, they’re probably not going to care about anything you have to say anyway. Most people would advise you to just say nothing and move on. And to be fair, that’s good advice. Sometimes the best response is no response at all, especially when it comes to ghosting.

That being said, sometimes the last thing you want to do is be the bigger person. You know they don’t give a damn, but you’d feel better if you got to send them a snarky, scathing message or two and got some things off your chest. Is it mature? Not really, but neither is disappearing without a word. If you really can’t help yourself, go for it. Sometimes we all need to indulge our inner petty bitch.

Best ghosting responses to send when someone goes AWOL

  1. “I thought Halloween was over months ago — isn’t it a bit late for ghosts?” Sarcastic, kinda corny, but shows you’re not too cut up about it. This one’s a winner.
  2. “So, you’re just going to disappear out of nowhere? BOO-ring!” Again, sometimes laughter is the best medicine. You’ll be too busy laughing at your own cleverness to worry about him pulling a disappearing act.
  3. “You could have at least told me you weren’t interested. Grow up.” Direct and to the point. This is one of the best responses to ghosting because it calls him out on his behavior without lecturing or insulting him. Hopefully, he’ll wise up one day.
  4. “I haven’t heard from you for a while, but I’m guessing that’s on purpose. Take care.” This message bids him a (not-so-fond) farewell. It lets him know you realize you’ve been ghosted and you won’t pursue him further.
  5. “I’m looking to date someone who actually wants to talk to me. Since that doesn’t seem to be you, I’m going to move on.” Technically, they moved on first. However, on the off chance that they’re thinking of going zombie on you, they needn’t bother.
  6. “What’s up with the silent treatment? If you’re not feeling it anymore, just say so.” This probably won’t inspire them to become a decent human being, but again, it feels good to call a jerk out.
  7. “Let me guess, you lost your phone? Can’t find your charger? Got abducted by aliens?” This ghosting response is lighthearted, carefree, and shows you’re totally aware of their BS excuses.
  8. “If I wanted to get ghosted, I would have gone to a haunted house.” This one should probably be saved for Halloween, but it’s a solid choice.
  9. “Wow, stop texting me! I can’t keep up with all your messages!” You deserve your own stand-up special here. This is comedic genius!
  10. “You’ll be alone forever if this is how you treat people. Best of luck on that!” You don’t actually care if they die alone, but they probably do. It feels good to point that out.
  11. “I thought we had great chemistry but it’s obvious you feel differently. Shame you couldn’t be honest with me.” This is a pretty earnest message. It tells them you were excited about your relationship and hoped it would go somewhere. It sucks that it didn’t.
  12. “I deserve to be a priority rather than an option. Thanks anyway.” Believe you’re the baddest bitch out there because you are. Demand the love, attention, and respect you deserve. They can’t give it, so peace out.
  13. “Nice knowing you, Casper.” Yes, this is cheesy, but that’s okay. Just be sure to block them as soon as you hit send.
  14. “Is this your favorite emoji? 👻” LOL, this is a total classic.

More texts to send when you’ve been ghosted

  1. “Didn’t realize I’d need an exorcist after dating you, but there seems to be a ghost in my phone.” Again, humor is always the answer. You’re being sarcastic, of course, but you’ll feel great that you were able to be so chill.
  2. “I was looking for a human partner, but I guess dating a ghost is an interesting alternative.” I mean, at least you’ll get a good story out of it.
  3. “Your dating profile said you liked hiking, but you seem to like ghosting more.” If only they would have had that listed when you met…
  4. “Just a tip: when you’re not into someone, you should have the balls to tell them. Keep that in mind for the future.” You’re a no-nonsense woman, which is why this is one of the best responses to ghosting there is. Speak your mind!
  5. “I have a thick skin so I can deal with being ghosted, but that doesn’t make it right.” It definitely doesn’t. They have to know that, right?
  6. “I hope no one ever treats you the way you’ve treated me. On second thought, I take that back. Maybe then you’d know what it feels like.” It’s not nice to wish bad things on other people, but how else is this ghoster going to learn?
  7. “It’s such a shame you didn’t realize what you had in me. Your loss!” And it totally is.
  8. “So, do you always ghost people or am I special?” Of course you’re special, which is why it’s great that you got away from them relatively unscathed.
  9. “I didn’t know we were competing to see who could go longer without texting. Guess you won… but you lost me.” This is one of the best ghosting responses because it mixes sarcasm with frankness. A brutal combo.
  10. “No need to let me know you’re not interested. I’m blocking you now.” Make sure you actually follow through with it!
  11. “My time is valuable and I don’t appreciate you wasting it.” You have better things to do than waste energy on a low life.
  12. “I can’t imagine why you’re still single. Oh wait, I can. You’re a loser.” Truer words have never been spoken.
  13. “It’s such a shame that when you realize how amazing I am, I’ll already be long gone.” One day, they’ll realize how badly they messed up. They’ll wish they still had you, but it’ll be too late. They can live with that regret.
  14. “I thought I was a good judge of character, but after you, I’m having second thoughts about that.” Don’t insult yourself like that! They were obviously a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Things to keep in mind

  1. It really isn’t about you, so don’t let the ghoster convince you it is. You might be tempted to blame yourself for being ghosted. If only you’d been this or that, they might still be around. That’s not the case. You’re just enough of every right thing. The ghosting is about them, not you.
  2. Being petty is fun in the moment, but don’t get carried away. Sure, we’ve just given you a list of messages to send the person who disappeared, many of them quite petty. Send one, but then move on. Don’t become obsessed or start harassing them. Preserve your dignity and self-respect and know when to quit.
  3. You can’t let this experience change the way you date. One of the best responses to ghosting is to continue going into dating and relationships with an open heart. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. Don’t expect every person to hurt you the way the ghoster did. The best revenge is living your best damn life regardless of how things ended with them.
  4. It really is their loss. Remember that and you’ll never go wrong. There’s someone out there for you. They weren’t it.
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