The Biggest, Comfiest Pillow You’ve Ever Seen Is Finally On Sale & You Need It Now

A comfy sofa is so yesterday. Lovesac has changed what snuggling up with your partner, pet pooch, or a new book is all about. Their range of sacs are more than just pillows or beanbags: they’re the most comfortable items of furniture you’ve ever seen in your life. The must-have from their collection is The BigOne. Here are 12 reasons why you need it ASAP.

  1. It brings the ’90s back. Remember cool beanbag chairs that you and your friends used to love hanging out on in the ’90s? Yeah, good times. Lovesac is bringing them back, but just in a bigger, more luxurious way.
  2. It’s stuffed with the comfiest, most durable materials ever What makes Lovesac sacs much more comfortable than beanbags is their stuffing. They’re extremely soft because they’re filled with Durafoam which absorbs your body weight and doesn’t compress like bead-filled bags. This also makes them last decades without becoming weirdly shaped or uncomfortable.
  3. It’s seriously huge. Okay, so size isn’t always everything, but Lovesac’s The BigOne is the largest of its six models. It’s eight feet wide and weighs 95 pounds! It’s more like a bed than a sofa or chair! WTF?
  4. It’s your happy place. You might want to keep the sac to yourself, and you’re totally justified. I mean, after a tiring or stressful day, you can just collapse on the soft cloud pillow and totally forget about the world. Ahh, bliss! With all the stress we deal with on a daily basis, you need your own comfortable sanctuary where you can kick off your shoes and unwind.
  5. But you can choose smaller sizes. If the large sac is too big for your space (bummer, dude), you can still get the comfort of a sac in a smaller size. There are plenty of sizes to choose from, though if you really want The BigOne, you might want to upgrade your apartment.
  6. It’s great for those tall dates. Ever taken a guy home and seen how he struggles to look comfortable on a sofa or in bed, with his legs all scrunched up? The BigOne is the perfect piece of furniture when cuddling up with a really tall guy, and you can even stretch out comfortably when cuddling up together, watching movies. With your dogs. Everyone gets a snuggle spot.
  7. It’s low maintenance. Sure, it takes up a lot of your bedroom or lounge, but The BigOne is easy to maintain. It’s durable and machine-washable, which is great because who’s got time to spend washing wine stains out of furniture, right? Especially since you’ll definitely be drinking when you’re chilling out on it.
  8. It’s perfect for get-togethers. If you’re keen on rounding up your BFFs at your place for a night of dinner and catching up on the latest goss, The BigOne is the perfect sac to have. It can seat three or more people! Pajama party, guys!
  9. You can customize it. You can choose various covers for your sac, which are warm for extra comfort during winter, and look pretty AF to match your stunning home decor. Bonus: these covers are also easy to clean, which is great ’cause your furry friends are going to be curling up on this thing, too.
  10. It can become your new desk. Right, so you’re probably daydreaming about curling up on your sac under a blanket and feeling total relaxation. But you could even turn your sac into a workstation. Even though it’s a massive bed, really, it distributes your weight to offer support, so you can easily drag a laptop onto your lap and catch up on the day’s news or finish up those work tasks. But a quick warning: you’re probably not going to get much work done because you’ll feel so good you’ll want to do something more fun, like watch movies or play some video games.
  11. It’ll help you sleep. If you suffer from insomnia, you need The BigOne to help you sink into sweetest dreams. Seriously, because you get to snuggle up in its lovely puffiness, you’ll feel like you’re in the softest, most luxurious bed ever, which is sure to make you get a really good session of sleep that leaves you feeling rejuvenated in the morning as if you’ve been on an island holiday. You might never want to sleep in your bed again.
  12. It’s on sale! Sacs can be expensive—you’re looking at spending around $1600 for The BigOne. WHOA. But don’t fret—there’s currently a Lovesac sale, offering sacs at a 20 percent discount! So if they’ve been too expensive for you to splurge on until now, you no longer have that as a reason to deny yourself ultimate pleasure. The BigOne is the perfect Christmas gift for yourself this year. Go on and spoil yourself, you deserve it.
Giulia Simolo is a writer from Johannesburg, South Africa with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has been working as a journalist for more than a decade, writing for sites including AskMen, Native Interiors, and Live Eco. You can find out more about her on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @GiuliaSimolo.