This Is The Biggest Tell-Tale Sign You’re Being Cheated On

While there are many things that can destroy a relationship, cheating is perhaps one of the worst. It destroys all the trust you had in your partner and makes you skeptical about future relationships since you question people’s ability to be faithful. There’s no sense going through life assuming the worst in everyone—that’s a guaranteed way to sabotage your connections—but it’s worth paying attention to red flags that might pop up before your S.O. actually steps out on you.

In a new study published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, researchers discovered that there’s one personality trait that stands out as a potential problem: bragging about your relationship or your partner online. Turns out, declaring your love constantly on social media isn’t really a good thing, and in reality, people who do so tend to be way more insecure in their partnership than those who stay quiet.

However, the quiet ones need to be watched even more, since it was found that those who are too quiet or even secretive about their relationships are more likely to be unfaithful.

As psychologist and author Phillip Adcock explained to Cosmopolitan, “Has your partner developed more of an interest in social media lately? Perhaps spending much more time online? If they have, what tends to happen when you walk into the room they are surfing in? Do they carry on, or hastily switch websites or even close the lid of the laptop? Typically, they will then express frustration in a vain attempt to shift the focus away from what they might have been caught doing.”

Of course, not bragging about you on social media or enjoying their privacy on their computers and phones aren’t necessarily signs that you’re being cheated on, but if they’re coupled with other shady behavior, it’s maybe time to have an important conversation with your S.O. to find out what’s really going on. Above all else, you have to trust your gut.

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