Chips Ahoy! Sour Patch Kids Cookies Combine Two Of Your Favorite Sugary Treats

While I generally prefer homemade cookies, sometimes I’m in the mood for a crunchy, pre-packed shortcut and chocolate chip Chips Ahoy! are always my #1 choice. However, as if they weren’t delicious enough already, now they’ve released a Chips Ahoy! Sour Patch Kids variety, successfully managing to combine my two favorite sugary snacks into one.

  1. Everyone thought these were just a myth! Rumors that Chips Ahoy! was planning a Sour Patch Kids release have been circulating for months, but it wasn’t until this week that Instagrammer @candyhunting actually got a hold of a package after spotting them on store shelves. Thank goodness these weren’t just a myth!
  2. They’re a delicious variation on an already tasty treat. Chips Ahoy! Sour Patch Kids sub out the regular chocolate chips for bright candy chips and, of course, little pieces of Sour Patch Kids. To go along with the tasty crunchy biscuit, it’s nice to have a little bit of candy to sweeten things up even more.
  3. So far, they’ve only been spotted at Dollar Tree. No luck on finding these at local supermarkets. So far, the only place Chips Ahoy! Sour Patch Kids have been spotted in the wild has been at Dollar Store shops. In a way, this is a good thing because it means they’ll be even more affordable (everything there is $1, right?), but it also means that if you don’t live near a Dollar Tree, you may miss out.
  4. Hopefully there will be a wider release of these too. That may depend on how well the response is with consumers who actually do get a hold of them now. If they do end up becoming super popular, I can imagine we’ll see them in wider markets soon, though Nabisco has yet to confirm that or even hint about that being a possibility. Ugh, here’s hoping!
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