Chris Pratt Says ‘Every Dad Secretly Fantasizes’ About What They’d Do If Someone Messed With Their Kids

If you loved Chris Pratt as Andy Dwyer on “Parks and Recreation,” be prepared to be colossally weirded out/kinda disgusted by some of the shit he says in real life. What’s become clear in recent years is that the actor fancies himself a very Manly Man, a True Patriot, and kind of an asshole. In fact, many of the comments he makes in interviews make you think, “Wait, why is he speaking right now?” However, his latest interview with Men’s Journal really kinda takes the cake. In it, he claims that every dad has “secret” fantasies about what they’d do to anyone who harmed their kids, and his comments are more than a little unhinged.

First, a little context. Pratt is currently starring in a show called “The Terminal List” in which he plays a Navy SEAL suffering from PTSD whose family is brutally killed. According to Pratt, his character’s behavior in the show is totally warranted as he believes he “would probably do the same f**king thing” — in this case, seeking very violent revenge — in that position.

“I think every dad secretly fantasizes about what they would do if someone ever fucked with their kids,” he said. “Whenever you’re put in a position, or even imagine a position, where those kids are in danger, your mind goes to wild places. I think that’s why those storylines resonate so strongly with fathers.”

Chris Pratt is serious about protecting his kids

Pratt is indeed a father himself, sharing a 10-year-old son Jack with his ex-wife Anna Farris and two daughters, 2-year-old Lyla and 1-year-old Eloise, with his current wife Katherine Schwarzenegger. Because of this, he knows first-hand the lengths parents go to for their kids.

However, the actor goes even further by saying that he doesn’t think you have to wait for something bad to happen to your family to start fantasizing about enacting your revenge in the most violent and bloody way possible.

“Your partner sees you staring off into the distance and says, ‘Honey, what are you thinking about?’ And you say, ‘Oh, nothing.’ But what you’re really thinking is, ‘Where’s the duct tape and how deep is the trunk?'” he continued. “I think that’s most dads. Or maybe that’s just me and I’m revealing something here.”

Uh, ya think?

Chris Pratt likely realized he probably came off as a bit… intense with his comments, so he was quick to point out that he’s “talked to a lot of dads” that feel the same and that everyone loves the movie “Taken,” which he believes was “such a hit” since “us dads are just like, ‘Yes! Get ‘em! Use that special set of skills'” to protect their kids.

Ugh, the worst. Good thing Pratt has Jesus to help him shrug off the haters.

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