16 Cute Personality Traits That Women Love In Men

No one should have to change themselves to be more attractive to other people, but hey, it doesn’t hurt to adopt some habits and behaviors that stand out in a good way. For many straight women, coming across guys who do these things are really cute and extremely endearing.

1. They hold the door open.

Who doesn’t love a demonstration of good old-fashioned chivalry? Whether you’re getting out of a car or going into a store, he’s got you covered. It’s just a simple, wholesome, public gesture that shows other people he cares about you (or even just that he has good manners).

2. They’re competitive.

couple high five

Not all women are on the simp bandwagon — most want a person who is going to challenge them, not follow them around like lost puppies and tell them they’re perfect. He’s chivalrous, yes, but he’s not about to let you win on board game night — not without a fight, anyway.

3. They can put their egos aside.

The kind of men that attract women have one common trait: they can let go of their egos. It’s not that they don’t have principles and values, but they view their partners as equals, not people to pander to. They don’t have to be the loudest in every room to make an impact — they’re humble, and that’s hot.

4. They know their own worth.

To attract women, men need to command respect. To do that, they need to have a strong sense of self-understanding. They won’t be pushed around and they know how to advocate for their own needs. They know their own worth and they see yours, it’s a key personality trait. They’re not going to walk all over you either, mind.

5. They’re nice to waiters.

Young couple sitting at the table with cup of tea and talking to each other during their date in cafe

This is a small-scale way of seeing that a partner has a good personality. Check that they maintain eye contact with the waitstaff when taking their order, and always say thank you. Men that Karen out to members of the public are a major ick. Basic manners and treating people like human beings rather than scum on their shoes is a must.

6. They’re educated.

guy looking judgmental

Knowing that you can learn something from your partner is a major turn-on. No one wants to feel like they are dating a dud, or someone who they have to constantly educate or baby. This doesn’t mean he needs to have gone to Harvard or have the IQ of Einstein, but there’s something really attractive about a guy who gets excited talking to you about string theory.

7. They will watch “Selling Sunset” with you.

A man who can embrace his feminine side and just have fun sharing in an activity with you? Women will love it. As long as he gets stuck in with each character and each drama, you’ll have just as much fun telling him all about it.

8. They want to know about your life.

Men who constantly ask questions about your life are wonderful. You don’t feel like an asset that they’re ogling over, but someone who they’re considering for a relationship, just as you’re considering them. They want to know all your secrets because they can tell there are plenty of layers under the surface.

9. They ask to meet your friends.

friends drinking together at the bar

It’s always so cute when guys ask to meet your friends. It shows that they know how important they are to you, and how much you rely on them. They know that meeting them is a key milestone. They make you forget about all the negative traits of the other men in your life.

10. They invite you on a family vacation.

Men who are open and vulnerable enough to invite you on a vacation with their family are real keepers. It’s such an attractive quality when people open their lives up to another person. Even more so when he’s leading that rather than the other way around. Obviously, this is a bit weird if you’ve only just met!

11. They get you flowers “just because.”

Outdoor close-up portrait of beautiuful young woman smelling the pink flowers on sunny day in the park. Happy female recieved a gift a bouquet of flowers from her boyfreind in the city street. Woman's day

Real men know that red roses are an overdone cliche, and they don’t wait around for a reason to treat you well. They know that you deserve the world. They want to give it to you, and they’ll tell you as much. You’re never playing games with these kinds of men — that’s what makes them irresistible.

12. They prioritize you over their friends.

men drinking alcohol at the pub

This isn’t to say that they ignore their friends — that would be a red flag — but seeing how they prioritize you, even when they have another offer on the card, is always nice to see. Being treated so well will also make you realize how you often you’ve been mistreated in other relationships.

13. They always smile.

Who doesn’t love a man who isn’t afraid to smile? When he’s happy, he shows it. That’s a testament to his general communication style. There’s no grey area and he doesn’t make you feel confused about where you stand.

14. They’re great with kids.

Women don’t need to want kids immediately, but it’s always great to see how emotionally available and fun these men can be around kids. It shows you that you can start planning for a future even if you never thought you would.

15. They encourage you to get out of your comfort zone.

happy couple kissing on cheek on beach

Men who challenge their partners are important. They know how important growth is, both separately and within the relationship. This ensures that the spark is kept alive and that you both continue to enrich each other.

16. They can cook.

Wearing an apron. A smile. Not much else. Get the picture?

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