These 6 Traits Are Why Men Walk All Over You

At this stage in life, we’ve all been through out fair share of douche bags and heartaches. But some of us can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to guys treating us like crap.

Here’s a harsh truth: If you’re constantly being used and abused by guys, you’re likely part of the problem. There are certain seemingly harmless traits that make it easier for men to manipulate and take advantage of you that you might not even be aware of. Let me be clear, these traits don’t make you a bad person; they’re usually fabulous traits that make you, you. You don’t need to change who you are, it’s just important for you to understand how these traits make you more vulnerable when it comes to men walking all over you.

It’s time for a man to treat you the way you deserve to be treated. Find out if you’re guilty of any of these traits that are leaving you open to heartbreak.

  1. You’re an optimist. The glass is always half full and your relationship is always going to get better, right? Wrong. If things aren’t going well for extended periods of time, they likely aren’t going to get better. If the bad times outweigh the good in a relationship, it might be time for you just to get out.
  2. You’re competitive. The chase gets you going. You love nothing more than going for the guy everyone else wants so you can rub it in her face when he’s yours. Don’t get your priorities twisted. You should go for a guy because he’s what you want and he gives you what you need. If you get caught up in the chase, you may let his shaky actions slide because you want to get to a point where you can claim him as your own.
  3. You’re naïve. So you’re pretty new to this whole dating thing. You may think that since you see a guy a once or twice a week and you talk to him daily that you must be dating. Guys that are more experienced see things differently. They can be good at balancing many girls at the same time. You may think things are going one way when he thinks they are going another. Don’t be afraid to ask where you and your man stand before you get too invested.
  4. You hate confrontation. Drama sucks and it’s great if you like to steer clear of it. But when it comes to your man, it’s important let him know what you’re feeling. If he doesn’t really hit you up for a couple days, or doesn’t take you out for Valentine’s Day – Say something! If you hold it inside, he’ll continue to do his thing and treat you like crap because that’s exactly what you allow him to do.
  5. You’re a pushover. You probably find yourself saying, “That’s just how he is.” If you’re constantly apologizing for your guy or making excuses for his actions, you’re likely a pushover. Nobody is perfect and you will have to make a few exceptions with anyone you date, but if you’re constantly excusing his actions, it’s probably because they’re constantly bothering you (or other people). It may be time for you to confront him about them.
  6. You’re too nice. You do his laundry, you cook for him, you pick him up from the bars, and you don’t even know if you’re really dating. If you do too much to soon, he’ll likely lose respect for you. Don’t let him just use you only when it’s convenient for him. Wait to see if he really deserves it before you start catering to him.
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