Why Dating An Alpha Female Shouldn’t Intimidate You

Why Dating An Alpha Female Shouldn’t Intimidate You ©iStock/bogdankosanovic

If you land yourself an alpha female, it’s pretty normal that the more you get to know her, the more she scares the hell out of your because of how fearless and outspoken she is. She says and does things with great intensity, and it can be a lot all at once if you’re used to women who are more doting and submissive. But dating an alpha female isn’t something you should be intimidated by at all. In fact, you should be stoked, because your life is about to get a whole lot better.

  1. She gets things done. An alpha woman isn’t one to sit back and let life come to her — she goes out and makes stuff happen for herself. If you date her, these habits will carry into the relationship, too. She’s not a lazy partner by any means and she’s always looking to make sure life is organized so that there’s more time to enjoy it stress-free. She genuinely enjoys responsibility.
  2. She’s a reliable partner. She’s always going to bring something to the table. It might feel intimidating that she doesn’t need someone to keep her afloat, but that’s the beauty about her. If you lose your job suddenly or are having a tough time emotionally, she’ll be by your side to pick up the slack and support you, even if you’re temporarily down and out.
  3. She’ll push you to become better. Dating an alpha female isn’t for the faint of heart. If you’re a couch potato or have zero ambition in life, she’s probably not the woman for you. But if you’re the type of man who wants someone who will positively encourage you to become better and someone who sees potential in you in ways that you didn’t even recognize yourself, then she’s a definite keeper.
  4. If she loves you, she loves hard. If she comes across aggressive and hard-headed at first, it’s nothing you should be put off by. She’s as fierce with her words as she is with her heart and if she falls for a man, she falls deeply. There’s no in between with an alpha female. She works hard, plays hard, and loves harder.
  5. Her downtime is as amazing as her grind. Because she’s mostly busy being a go-getter with a high appetite for life, she needs downtime too — and it’s amazing when you spend that time with her. Too many people think that an alpha woman is just a dominating bitch with no softness to her, but the exact opposite is true. Her soft side is as powerful as her hustle.
  6. She’s passionate in every way. Her zest for life carries forward into her life in all ways. Yes, that means the bedroom too. Sex with an alpha female is am amazing experience because like everything else in her life – she doesn’t do things half way. If you want some of the best sex of your life for the rest of your life, hold on tightly and never let her go.
  7. She’s supportive of your goals. No matter how crazy or insane your goals might be, she’ll be behind you every step of the way and will probably even participate in helping you achieve them. Alpha women seek partners who are motivated and want to build empires with the men they choose to spend their lives with.
  8. She never stops improving herself. She’s not the type that’ll let herself go because her personality type simply won’t allow it. She takes care of her health, her finances and her emotional well-being no matter what disaster might be thrown her way. She’ll do whatever she needs to feel good about herself because feeling amazing allows her to bring her best and happiest self to the relationship.
  9. She wants to see you happy. She might come across as too much to handle or as a woman who doesn’t need anyone, but if she chooses to date you, remember she chose you too. Dating her is a pretty amazing experience if you can look past the initial intimidating traits she possesses because those traits are actually what make dating her one of the best experiences you’ll ever have. If you’re brave enough fully submerge yourself in the relationship, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t dated an amazing alpha female sooner.