Dating Apps Are Testing My Belief In Love But I’m Still A Hopeless Romantic

I have a love/hate relationship with dating apps. On one hand, they’re super helpful, but on another hand, they drive me nuts. Despite my frustrations with Tinder and others, I still feel very hopeful that I’ll find a lover who’s a good match on one of these apps. Call me a hopeless romantic!

  1. Dating apps are exhausting. Being on dating apps for months and maybe even years leaves me feeling totally drained. A half-hour on apps can leave me tired! They’re just exhausting for me, probably because I pour so much energy and hope into them. It seems like this hope I have is a waste because I invest all of this time into dating apps and get little to nothing back.
  2. I feel super jaded a lot of the time. I’m like the Grinch of love lately. I feel like I’m never going to meet someone worth my time, so what’s the point? I’ve even deleted my dating apps for now because I just can’t handle my own negativity anymore. It probably affected the way that I interact with people I went on dates with. I don’t know, maybe they could sense that I was feeling grumpy and hopeless.
  3. They make me wonder if anyone else is looking for love. It may be the dating apps I use, but it seems like a lot of people are just looking for a hookup or something casual. Very few people are actively seeking a long-term relationship/love. Dating apps leave me wondering if I’m going nuts. Logically I know I can’t possibly be the only one looking for love, but it feels that way sometimes.
  4. I’m so picky. Admittedly, I’m very picky. I’ve run into people looking for a long-term relationship, but I haven’t been interested in them. I just use a lot of discernment and have a ton of deal breakers. I can’t help it! So, this probably isn’t helping too much with me being able to find someone.
  5. I continue to use dating apps though because I believe they might work. Even though right this second I don’t have them downloaded, I’ve been using them consistently for a long time. I return over and over again to them because a part of me does really believe that they can work. I have just a speck of hope that maybe, just maybe, I’ll meet someone worth my time. So, despite my anger and jadedness, I hold faith in Tinder and other apps.
  6. I hold out hope that someday I’ll find someone. Despite how tired and disgruntled I am, I still have a speck of hope. I do believe that there are people out there for me. Maybe not “the one,” but there are people I’m supposed to meet and fall in love with along the way. Whether or not dating apps help me accomplish this is another story, but I bet it’s going to happen. I will find a lover! A good one, too.
  7. I think dating apps are ultimately a great tool. I’m pretty mad at Tinder and other apps right now, but I can’t deny the fact that they’re very effective tools. Many of us live incredibly busy lives and have no time to meet people romantically during our everyday lives. It’s just very practical to be able to use an app in such a way that it facilitates meeting others.
  8. I just wish the whole process was more streamlined. In all truth, I’d like to just skip right over the dating nonsense and jump into the relationship part. I’d rather not go through a bunch of people, trying to figure out if I like them or not. I know it’s totally unreasonable, but I wish the process was just easier. I wish I didn’t have to spend hours swiping to maybe find one person I’m interested in. It’s very convoluted, but that’s the nature of online dating.
  9. Until I find someone, I’m trying to enjoy being single. There’s nothing wrong with seeking a relationship. It’s neutral, totally cool. It becomes problematic though when I never want to be alone and I’m desperately avoiding it. Instead of doing this, I’m actually trying to find joy in the single life. I’m seeking to make the best of my time, even though I wish things were different. After all, I’ll always have my own company.
  10. I always have been and likely always will be a hopeless romantic. Blame it on the Disney films I watched when I was young, but I’ve always been searching for love. Even when I was a kid! I’ll likely continue to be this way, a hopeless romantic. It is what it is, I’m someone who’s a little obsessed with love. I just have to embrace it.
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