Couple’s Creative DIY Halloween Slide Lets Trick Or Treaters Get Their Candy Safely

2020 has basically been one big write-off, and everything we were looking forward to this year has been canceled. However, it doesn’t have to be that way – at least not when it comes to Halloween. Ingenious YouTubers Wicked Makers came up with a DIY candy slide that allows trick or treaters to get their candy fix from a safe distance and it’s the best idea ever!

  1. All it takes is a bit of PVC piping, a few tools, and some spooky decorations. Making your own DIY candy slide isn’t necessarily easy if you’re not savvy on the DIY front, but it’s definitely doable with a little hard work. Wicked Makers not only showed off their slide on your YouTube channel but also provided a tutorial so you can make one yourself!
  2. Safety is key, people. Social distancing is more important than ever and while children are less likely to get seriously ill from coronavirus, that doesn’t mean they still don’t need to be protected. Making a candy slide ensures they get their trick or treat goodies and the experience of Halloween while ensuring they stay in good health.
  3. This adds a lot more fun to the evening too. While you could theoretically just rock up to a bowl of candy on someone’s porch, fill your pillowcase (yes, I trick or treated with a pillowcase for maximum uptake), having your candy come down a custom-made and decorated chute is just a lot more fun. It’s a great idea!
  4. You can decorate your candy slide however you want. While the folks at Wicked Makers decided on a skeleton theme to stick with the spooky Halloween vibes, you could do spiders, witches, or anything else that inspires you. It’s all you! You still have plenty of time to get one together for October 31, so what are you waiting for?
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